It’s not exactly the Le Mans winner, but the new Hot Wheels Forza Ford GT Race Car is a must-have.

As the Hot Wheels Entertainment set hits Toys R Us, I need to get to my features on each of the models.

(And FYI the set is available with the TRU-exclusive packaging now, but in case you want the models other stores and hobby dealers will the assortment soon.)

The most notable model of the set is the new Porsche 356 casting, but the two best models in the set are the BMW CSL and this one, the Ford GT Race Car.


When the Ford GT Race Car was released in the 2017 Mainline, the first question from most collectors was “When will we see a replica of the Le Mans winner?”.  That was my question too.

Little did we know Hot Wheels already had one in the works for Forza.  It isn’t exactly the livery, but it is most surely “inspired” by it.  Of course, if Hot Wheels ever has the chance to do the exact model, I would not complain in the least, but this is a nice alternative.



6 Replies to “It’s not exactly the Le Mans winner, but the new Hot Wheels Forza Ford GT Race Car is a must-have.”

  1. So they went for the alternate away/visitor kit livery. Quite nice. And the casting is damn near perfect. Good solution for the intakes.

  2. I think this casting would look good with just about any livery…here’s hoping for a Gulf paint job to go with the GT LM from a couple years ago. I really like that they tampoed the canards ahead of the front wheels, it’s a nice touch.

    I’m planning on checking the second of two local Toys R Us stores after work to see if I can score the set (please please please let them be there!!!)

    1. Got ’em!

      I was ready to disagree about the best cars in the set, but after liberating all 5 from their cardboard and plastic prisons, I have to echo the GT Race/BMW pair as the best two in the pack, with the CSL probably just edging out the GT to be my favorite. The head & tail light tampos just take that casting over the top. But yes, the GT Race is tremendous. So glad HW did a second Forza set.

  3. I wish the front hood vents were painted the same color as the rest of the car on the Ford GT but otherwise the set is great

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