Check out this new Matchbox car.

Is this cool or what?

I don’t think it matters what you are into.  If you like Matchbox, I have to think you will like this one.  Beautifully designed, in a a stunning color, screaming classic.  This is quintessential Matchbox.  Showcase coming, along with quite a few more.  Get yourself in a Matchbox state of mind.

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  1. make a real police department livery or at least a town that sounds real. Matchbox Police is too “toy-like” or better yet… leave it plain!

    1. Agreed, they could invent any name they like and it’d sound way better than “Matchbox Police”. I don’t even care how generic it sounds…”Center City Police” would be fine, or something of the like.

  2. With due respect to the Bugeye from Car Culture, I think we’ve seen enough Hot Wheels and other brands and now it’s time we saw some Matchbox. Have you considered doing a Saturday Showcase on a Matchbox? Preferably an older casting?

  3. This is cool. it’s quite an off-beat choice to not only go so far back in time, but to choose a Plymouth with which to do it. I like it though…I just really hope they do one with headlight tampos at some point…as it’s shown here, I feel it’s missing something and I think that’s what it is.

  4. How about a real life squad car. We have a 1929 Arlington Heights Illinois Antique squad car still used today for special events and parades.
    email me at for picture. It would be a perfect Matchbox car.

  5. Love the cast, love that they made it a police car. I have to agree with most responses though. Center city police, Philadelphia police, state police anything is better than MBX putting their mark on this. If they want their brand on their casts come up with a logo. MBX has caught on pretty good put a small MBX on each cast like HWs has on most of theirs. Honestly though they don’t matter because I’m not even sure HWs has it on theirs anymore.

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