Lamley Preview: Auto World 2017 Premium Release 4 Ver. A&B (Part 1)

Auto World has had a tremendous 2017.  If you have collected the brand for a few years now, I am sure the lack of new castings this year might be a knock, but I think you could agree that the releases themselves have been tremendous.


The fact is the majority of collectors are new to AW.  I have no idea what Round2’s revenues are, and how 1:64 AW might compare to Johnny Lightning in sales, but the fact is the visibility of Auto World has grown tremendously the last year.  That is because of a tremendous run of interesting models, from the Lead Sled to Color Swatch Barracuda to Cadillac Sedan DeVilles to Ford GT40s, and everything in between.

It has become apparent that AW was made for the most serious of collectors, with its obsession with scale, focus on stock vehicles, and attention to detail.  And the brand’s strong-hold on American-made classics make it a perfect companion to Tomica Limited Vintage.

So many are discovering Auto World as they release memorable model after memorable models.  And it’s Ultra Red and Ultra Raw Chase pieces don’t hurt either.

The latest release from Auto World, 2017 Premium Release 4, was sent over for a preview.  This is Part 1.  Part 2 is coming in a bit, with full DLM carnage.  And yes, Part 3, all photos, like the one above, is coming too.


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