Classic, clean and cool: The new Hot Wheels Porsche 356 Speedster

I thought about showing all the new Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza models together.  I guess I already did, but in video form:

Those are videos, but come on, you and I both know the photos are more fun.  (Subscribe to the Channel anyway.)

So I took photos.  Lots of them, of all five models.  And yeah, this is an awesome set.  But there is one new casting, and it surely deserves its own post.  Cuz it’s awesome.

Let’s define awesome.  I use the term a lot.  Mainly because I don’t know what to say other than I like something, so yeah, it’s “awesome”.  In this case, “awesome” means clean and beautiful.  Like bone stock beautiful.  Not even 356A Outlaw cool.  Even more.  Make sense?


Yeah, that teal color and Forza logo might hide it a bit, but this is a wowzers model.  Knowing that this was meant for Entertainment a few years ago, before who-knows-what-happened, this might be a strange debut, with the Forza logo so prominent.  Hopefully we see a stock color to match the casting soon, but this one shines in this color and wheels.

So all that aside, focus on the casting.  The bumpers for example.  Or the windscreen.  My point is this model is a gem.  A replica of a car that doesn’t need any enhancements.  Something the designer Mark Jones clearly knows.  Enhance will only take away.  I was sad when this casting was killed a few years ago.  I am thrilled it was revived, and now released.


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  1. At some point there will be a Magnus Walker: Urban Outlaw line, or an Emory or Singer line. In any case, that 356 has got to be in there, and I think it will.

  2. This casting looks SO good. My fingers are crossed for a cleaner deco in the near future, but this model is a knock-out. I hate hate hate the grainy printed tampo-work that shows up on some of the premium models, so that’s an irritation, but the quality of the casting makes up for it.

  3. Another great series, another great preview (videos and photos) !
    Lamley is my favorite website concerning the diecast hobby.
    It surely takes you a lot o time and I hope you earn a bit of money.
    Does it help if we click on the commercials ?

  4. Yes, another great review, …. but….why no shots from above. We can’t see what the interior looks like. You never shot pics from above….Or below for that matter….even your favorite model, the kenmeri, which has one the best, if not the best, under carriages of any hot wheels car, and you’ve never shot it or even mentioned it……
    …..just a thought.
    Lamley is still king of 1/64 reviews. 🙂

  5. Is there a website that lists the designer of each casting from Hot Wheels and Matchbox, other than

    ‘Cause a lot of the castings I like don’t have a designer listed on there. Like Hot Wheels ’64 Pontiac GTO casting…

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