The Hot Wheels – Project Cars collaboration is beginning. It looks to be a fruitful pairing.

A couple of weeks ago, a massive nerd collision occurred.  The Hot Wheels Design Center hosted an event to kick off its collaboration with the new Project Cars video game.  Car geeks mingled with video game nerds who chatted with diecast dorks.  And man I wish I was there.

A few of my fellow diecast dorks were there, including the RCR (Resident California Reporter) @hw_jay.  He got to preview the video game, and check out some of the upcoming models.  And he took pics.

I don’t know much about the video game, but that hopefully at this point is to be expected.  I know nothing about Gran Turismo or Forza either, but I am sure thankful for their existence and collaboration with Mattel, because the models coming out from those collaborations are spectacular.

And I am happy to focus on the models.  I will leave it up to you folks to get info on the games.

The Project Cars models will span three lines.  Basic of course, with the Mercedes AMG Race Car hitting soon.  2018 Car Culture as well, with one assortment dedicated entirely to the theme.  And Entertainment, with models coming similar to the Gran Turismo and Forza sets we have seen.  (The second Forza set is hitting soon – preview coming.)

And Mattel had some of those models available for preview at the Project Cars event.  The basic Merc, the 190E Evo, Audi R8 LMS, and BMW M1 from Car Culture, and Acura NSX from Entertainment.  The premium models are still in early stages – hand applied decals and incorrect wheels on all – but you can get the idea.

And the cool thing?  Hot Wheels had three of these models at the Convention as well, and allowed me a few minutes with them to take some preview pics.  The AMG GT is done, but the BMW and 190E are early hand-applied deco versions.  But this is essentially what they will look like in the Project Cars Car Culture assortment, just a little tighter.  The 190E will sport greyed-out Aero Real Riders and the BMW the gold lace Real Riders we have seen in the Euro Racer series.

So many thanks to Mattel for allowing these photos.  More of the abundance of riches we are getting in 2018.

(Thanks to Mattel for allowing the preview.)


8 Replies to “The Hot Wheels – Project Cars collaboration is beginning. It looks to be a fruitful pairing.”

    1. I agree! The NSX is very cool. Another set I’ll be after for my collection for sure. What a time to get into hotwheels collecting!

  1. Those new hotwheels project car’s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

  2. God I love the M1 in a premium line. The MB 190E is also an awesome premium casting but darn.. I wish they added a more broader headlight tampo. It makes me want to go at it with a paint pen.
    The character lies with the eyes, which are the windows to the soul. When you watch the video, you see the Mercedes with those big, expansive lamps and then look at the HW’s version & their lamps look like slits or little rectangles. So close, so close.

    Can’t wait til all these beauties from Cars & Donuts & Project Cars 2.. can’t wait my diecast collecting/hoarding brothers!

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