Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels US Q Case

Don’t ever accuse me of not being complete.  As the last case of the year – the Q Assortment – is hitting stores, A&J Toys got their shipment of US cases, and as always, they sent one over.  As a refresher, the International Cases come out first, the US cases later, and I try to do an unboxing of both.

Sometimes they are exactly the same, most times slightly different.  But always interesting.  So enjoy:

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  1. I’ll let you in on a secret: I have a short attention span so I set the playback speed 2x while watching the video.

  2. The only ones I’m still on the look-out for are the blue ZL1 and the new Trans Am…fortunately I’ve found all the others I want. Gotta say I’m getting really sick of all the “Super Chrome” cars…I get the idea, and I don’t have anything against a few of them in the lineup, but there are SO MANY of them and they just hang and hang and hang

  3. Think I just went through this case. Think my GT-R is orange though. The licensed models are only getting better but (and I know someone is going to say or think their childrens toys) there is way to many peg warmers! There is way to much JUNK! I’m saving money but that is not why we collect now is it? I mean come on I’ll go back to my rant on MBX. Is there no market research at Mattel? Their losing money on this junk. And as for being kids toys, KIDS ARE NOT BUYING THESE! I go to a lot of retails I rarely see kids at the pegs if at all. This is not a kids thing anymore. Kids are into video games, sports and girls. Yes girls younger and younger. It’s up to us parents to bring these to the kids but we are not buying junk.

    1. My 12 yr old son only like licensed models & he always liked cars based on real life vehicles. There may a few non-licensed, fantasy models mixed in from multi sets or as presents and so forth. He’s been into racing/SIM games and so these games are comprised of real world production, racing, and concept cars & trucks he can emulate into his rug races and such.

      I kind of got him into video games, mainly because his old man is and still is into racing games, since he was around 5 -6 yrs old. It’s mainly this medium where he acquired a knowledge of these types of cars and also identifies a multitude of makes, models and other configurations of vehicles and is keen on them better than some adults.
      In other words.. my son WANTS real diecast cars to play with.. he doesn’t the weird non-licensed stuff you see floating around on shelves. The fantasy cars are better suited for young children which captures their imaginations, but when they get older, I believe if they stick with toys like HW’s & MBX.. they’ll grow away from the phony stuff and graduate into more realistic vehicles.

      Mattel has to invest more into licensed castings to better involve children [and us collector adults] so they can grab that audience and stay afloat. It’s heir you’re right about electronics consuming a kids interests, but Mattel has to do something.It’s not like the old days anymore or maybe they can INVEST a lot more into us collectors and increase production in that respect!!!

      1. I’ve made this comment before and never got an answer, so perhaps I’m just misguided, but…

        I realize that fantasy castings are vastly cheaper to develop than licensed ones, and it’s the fantasy models that allow Mattel to pay the licensing fees to do the real cars, BUT…with such an extensive back-catalog of GOOD licensed castings in both the blue and orange brands, why does the proportion of fantasy castings still stay so high? Maybe I don’t know how the licensing thing works, but doesn’t all the cost associated with licensing a casting happen up front? I mean, once you’ve paid to license a casting, isn’t that it? I don’t see what good it does to pay all the money to do all these licensed castings, only to use them 2 or 3 times (and sometimes only once!), only to put the tool on the shelf and not use it again.

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