Hey now that was easy! The RLC Datsun sale was smooth as butter.

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Finally, right?

Hopefully you RLC members updated your payment info before the sale.  Because if you did, it appears things went really well.  That is refreshing.

Talking to a few of you, it appears my experience was common.  I signed both of my accounts on a few minutes before the sale, and within 2-3 minutes of the sale going live, both accounts showed the option to purchase.  I worked through the screens, and by 10:05 I had email confirmations saying the Datsun 510 was on its way.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.31.15 AM

Some might have been faster, some slower, but it seems all went very well.  Was that your experience?  Hopefully this is how it goes moving forward, especially into the next RLC year.


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  1. I have been trying for almost 2 hours. RLC site is not recognizing my password and not allowing me to reset my password. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

  2. Yeah, i was absolutely stunned how quick and smooth it went. Especially since i had to sneak outta work for a few minutes to order them.

  3. I will have to wait and see if any are left tomorrow because I’m just a HWC member I’m not a redline club member.

  4. The sale was absolutely not smooth at all, at least not on my end. Despite being signed in 10 mins prior to the sale and having up to date payment info. It took 7 minutes to get through. I was signed out, told item was not available, unable to sign back in, I finally tried in a new browser window, got the item into the cart, when I started the checkout process the site just flat froze all together and I had to start over. At this point it would not let me add to cart despite my cart showing “0.” I opened a different window and finally got it into the cart while being signed in. Once in the cart the checkout process took 3 attempts before I got to the paymebt screen. It was at this point that I saw PayPal as an option and opted not to go with any more of Mattel’s clearly broken proprietary nonsense. PayPal actually was “smooth as butter,” and after 7 minutes of tortuous disaster I finally received an order confirmation.

    In contrast the Illest website is run on Shopify, which is an extremely inexpensive ecommerce solution. They sold roughly 2000 busses in an hour. That experience was “smooth as butter.” Mattel, a multi billion dollar company, should take notes. Considering these are still available 7 hours later and there were 5000 for sale to start with my vote is that Mattel had nowhere near 2000 orders in an hour to handle. I am also certain they paid a substantially higher price for their site.

    I’m available to set it up in Shopify for them for 1/100 of whatever they paid/pay Pluck.

  5. Glad it went well for you, but there were many, many of us who had as horrible if not worse experience. I saw no improvement to the process, but after being thrown in and out of the site a dozen times on 2 browsers, I finally got one.

  6. Once I cleared the browser history on my phone I had no problems. Got another coming with my sub plan. Can’t wait to open one and play with the hood.

  7. My question, since I never before ordered the same model on the next day, but do you have to wait the full 24 hrs (9am Pacific) to purchase additional models?

  8. Hey everyone,

    Just checked on the availability of this Datsun. Hot Wheels extended the RLC Priority Window to 48 hours, which means that the regular HWC have to wait until 10/12 to be able to buy this model. I thought the RLC Priority Window is only 24 hours. Really don’t understand why they change the date like that. Kinda frustrated. Has this happened before guys? I left them a review saying the same thing. Let’s see if they’re going to publish that review or not.

  9. I had several sessions with “customer service” in the last week because of that password-not-recognized, invalid-email, round-and-round before getting someone who said to delete all cookies from Mattel and start fresh. That seemed to work.

    1. Thought something looked different. I distinctly remember it being 24 hours. Either way i’ll be there at noon my time ready.

    2. I don’t recall an extension to 48 hours. When did they do that? Maybe that’s why I can’t order my 2 extra models. Maybe HW’s/Mattel should have planned instead of making sudden changes which are going to make some people unhappy, but I guess HWC wants to make sure SCALPERS don’t get their fair share. Who knows!

      1. Just tried to go back and now I get a window popping up stating: WRONG TURN SORRY THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST. CLICK BELOW TO RETURN TO RETURN TO HWC.
        I tried to click to go back and I keep running into this aforementioned page. Maybe their trying to block me.. or just the usual bugs!

  10. Well, looks like HWC has pushed the open purchase date to 10-12 now. I guess they are giving RLC members an extra day to grab them up??? Not cool!

  11. There was apparently a glitch and it was decided to extend the 24 hour priority window to 48 . Non RLC members won’t get to buy until the 12th now .

  12. come what a load of crap . the sale was a mess and i do not believe it was smooth for you because for one you are representing mattel in your blogs so please do not tell me all went great. HWC should just just quit because any of the big sales are always a huge mess this one being the worst so far. they are either a complete bunch of idiots or they do this on purpose .

  13. I received order confirmation yet three days later I’m yet to receive shipping confirmation, order still shows as ‘in progress’

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