The Datsun 510 Party continues with tomorrow’s RLC Party. Are you ready?

Before I get into the model showcase, let’s just cut to the chase.  If you haven’t done them already, there are a couple of steps you MUST take before the RLC Datsun 510 goes on sale tomorrow.  You need to log into your account and update your payment info.  When the site was revamped a few weeks ago, all of that info was deleted.  You won’t be able to buy the items if you haven’t done it.  So don’t let that happen.


Got it?  Ok, good.

Now, let’s get on with that Real Riders Datsun 510.  It goes on sale tomorrow, October 10th, at 9am Pacific Time.  You must be an RLC member to purchase on Tuesday.  It is limit one per account.  Those who have the subscription already have it coming.

Got that too?  Ok, great.  Now let’s watch me open one.

And thus begins an epic run of Datsun 510’s that started last week and goes through early next year.  Want the list?

  1. Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive
  2. RLC Real Riders Exclusive
  3. Car Culture 2017 Box Set
  4. Car Culture 2018 Japan Historics 2
  5. RLC Membership Car

Quite a run for a former peg warmer.

photo taken at the Hot Wheels Convention

Yes, that is a lot of Bluebirds.  The Membership Car isn’t included in that pic, but it was previewed at the Convention, complete with brand new New Classic Real Rider Wheels:

There are some differences, outside of the releases and decos.  The two Car Culture Releases are the standard 510 casting.  The three others have the new opening hood feature, including the Real Riders model going on sale tomorrow:



So let’s get on with that 510 going on sale tomorrow.  It is nice to see the day finally here.  It has been in the works awhile.  If you remember it was previewed at LAST YEAR’s LA Convention.  But good does come to those that wait, and this one is worth it.

I will show pics, but they won’t do justice.  The highlight of this model is its blue spectraflame paint, especially against the white trim and red 4-spoke wheels.  It is a very different racing livery compared to the BRE or BRE-inspired looks of so many previous releases, and it really works.  I can see it zipping around the track, although in maybe a little less shiny paint.  Still, that worked for the BRE, and it works for this one.


So, really, there is no need to get the word out on this one.  It is a Datsun 510.  It has been in the works for more than a year.  It is beautiful.  You all know it is coming, and you are all ready.  Good luck tomorrow.




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  1. Those new Datsun bluebird 510’s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

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