The Hot Wheels 2018 Sneaks Presentation in photos.

Here is the entire slide deck from the Hot Wheels 2018 Sneaks presentation yesterday.  If you haven’t watched the video, do that first.  The slides will make more sense.

And now, because I love all of you, the photos, with no watermarks:


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  1. 1. That Ultra-Chase is dangerous business.

    2. Like I said in the last thread, the GT3 cars are the big hits of next year. But the transporters? Nuclear. Man those are just great.

    3. The 6th men of the Car Culture ’17 batches are just as mesmerizing.

  2. That supervan and the 510s are going to be popular . Another great year to look forward to , including Matchbox .

  3. Thanks for posting the pics, John. I did indeed watch the whole video, but it’s helpful seeing all the shots in one spot as well.

    There’s so much to be excited about for 2018, but the highlights for me are the transporters, the goodies in Car Culture, and the GT3 racecars. One thing I got super excited for watching the video that didn’t seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd was the Custom Maverick. The existing stock Maverick is one of my favorites and hugely underrated in my opinion, and this custom take on it looks to be an excellent extension of something Hot Wheels has started doing a lot of lately…the Chevelle race car, the Mercury Cougar race car, and now this. Here’s hoping for a Gulf or Mooneyes livery on that one at some point in the future…

    1. And to think this isn’t all of it. Like, we don’t have the full list for Mainline, so who knows how many more models will get the Project CARS 2 tie-in (the AMG GT3 is), among other new models that have yet to be revealed.

      The BMW M2 is the sleeper hit here. I’d say it’s about the same level as the MBX 1M, and considering the M4’s run (which has been nothing but stock colors) this has the potential to be of the best basics runs you can find. (Related: I want that M1 on the mainline so bad.)

      And I say the M2’s a sleeper hit because that Magnus 911 will be a diamond. Already looking like a perfect casting, and you put the 277 deco on it? (Which reminds me: what’s happening to the 964? I don’t they’re the same tools.)

      I agree, the Custom Maverick (a Sung Kang design I heard) is gangbusters-good, but also LOOK AT THAT 962 SET!!! Makes me wonder: what else do they have? They said Team Transport is a set of 5, and they only have three shown here. What else are there? Maybe a modern team lorry with a Huracan Super Trofeo or similar modern racer? The 300SLR and the blue truck that transports it? Stop making us wait gah.

  4. Thanks for the images. So much faster to go through than a video. There are some amazing vehicles coming! Those transporters though. WOW!

  5. My eyes are purely on the M2 and R8 LMS! There is so much to see here but these two stand head above all else for me. The M2 is the underdog best casting of 2018 IMO and the return of Audi is equally exciting! Can’t wait to see them in hand!

  6. Definitely a great time to be a Hot Wheels collector. Glad to see the Car Culture line get the full tampo treatment next year and I don’t mind the price increase for it. The Team Transport looks epic.
    Just to be sure, both transport and car are premium models, right?

  7. Must have for me is the Mongoose transporter set. I’d have to assume there’ll be a Snake set as well? There better be…

  8. The Japan Historics 2 set is the first one in which I want all the cars. The MOMO 962 set and the Mongoose/Transporter will somehow find a way into my collection. Puleeeeeaaaaazzzze bring back Dragstrip Demons!!!

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