Hot Wheels Forza/P Case dump bins are hitting Walmart.

I walked into a Walmart early this morning, and as I turned the corner I was surprised to see a new dump bin at the end of one of the aisles.


First off, it is nice to see something new at Walmart.  As I have heard from many of you, my local Walmarts have been suffering from a bad case of Spidey/Guardians of the Galaxy pegwarmer-itis.  Maybe it is going to end.

There are some things about the new Forza assortment that will make you happy.  For one, it is nice.  Really nice.

Second, these bins are not OVERLOADED with Forza.  There are P Case models too.  So considering this will be a popular assortment, and there are not too many, it might move a whole lot faster than an entire bin of Guardians of the Galaxy might.  Plus, chase models:


So that bin I found.  Half Forza, half P Case.  There was a gentleman there, adding some models to his shopping cart.  I asked he he had found any Supers, and he replied “what is a Super?”.  That was not the answer I expected, but it did motivate me to look a bit.  Glad I did.

It is always fun to find a Super or two, even if it is a generic and the 3rd and 4th time to find it.

I left a lot of good stuff, and after visiting some stuffed Matchbox pegs, I had a nice little bunch to take home.


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  1. That Falcon’s a chase car? If I’d known that when the assortment hit here a few weeks ago I might have grabbed one lol. It’s not a casting I normally collect, so no biggie. I did pick up a couple of Javelins, the only casting I wanted, and went home happy.

  2. My local Walmarts have been desolate wastelands as far as new stuff is concerned…it’s starting to wear on my patience. I’ll keep an eye out for these, but who knows.

    1. Well, I hit up my Walmart right after I wrote the above post and found a fresh dump bin. Scored the whole Forza set as well as all the P case models I wanted (with the exception of the Porsche 356). No new Matchbox though, but that’s not a surprise.

  3. Two Supers? Seriously? Two Supers in one go? I haven’t found a single STH for a year and you guys find two at the same time. I hate you.

  4. Hopefully if I make a stop at My Walmart possibly tomorrow, I could find the same thing but chances are very unlikely. Just like many have pointed out, most Walmarts have no problem getting in the ugly, pegwarming sets like Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy, but anytime a nice set comes out like Forza, the Lamborghinis from a few months ago, or Car Culture, they never get them in! It’s so frustrating! It’s like Mattel is a big tease and trying to piss us collectors off because kids are all that matter! So dump a shit load of generic cartoon pieces of crap that will satisfy the kids but make us collectors gag in disgust!

    1. I know man.. I feel your pain! I saw of only one 2 WM’s here in MD in my travels, that had the Lambo line and they’re weren’t too many. I did grab just one Countach (wanted 2). I hardly saw any local WM’s w/Lambo’s and it’s true, whenever there is a line that has good stuff, I mean mouth watering stuff, WM never gets it in! Haven’t seen the latest Retro Entertainment line, but actually no one had those. WM has a major problem this year with HW’s distribution.
      Who at Walmart has a brain for marketing? Not many. I guess you don’t know what’s going to sell, but some of that stuff hangs like cobwebs, but someone has to know by now certain vehicles sell while others eat space like the STAR TREK ENTERPRISE!!!

  5. I like this Forza series- I plan to grab two sets if I find them. I have been visiting Walmart frequently looking for Matchbox. Lets hope I hit gold!

  6. HAHA!
    Funny post because I hit one of my local WM’s and guess what they had? A Forza dump w/”P” case mainlines too!
    I was the 1st one in there ’cause they had just put it out that morning! Thanks to a foot injury I was able to visit in the morning since I’m temporarily off work.. it’s only way to find Supers sometimes. Some of those scalpers or types with no life get to venture out early & often so it was nice while it lasted.

    I understand the XBOX Falcon was a chase, but there were a ton of them & it’s not all that IMO so I only got one.
    BUT… I found two Velocita Supers and one of them had a double card.. one card was glued directly in back of the other so I assume it may add value??? Just not diggin the white base.. a chrome base would have been better! I’ll put one up with the red version, which I think is pretty cool for a non-licensed.

    Hate to say it, but I was glad to scour through 1st partly because I beat the local greedy nerds (the area HW’s clique) at their game so they may be wasting their time when they hit the box (sorry Roy)!

  7. Found the dump bin today. Someone had left a buggy with a bunch of cars in it where they had went through the entire bin. No Falcon which is a model I collect so just got the Focus. No new MBX but did get 3 more camo FJ40’s.

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