Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels A Case

Happy New Year!

As it is every year, Hot Wheels basic starts its new year in early fall.  The final assortments of 2017 are hitting the stores, and hobby dealers are getting the first of 2018.

That includes Wheel Collectors, who have been working the last few hours to get these new 2018 models listed.  And as always, they grabbed one A case at random, and opened it 3-by-3.  You can buy all the models at the Wheel Collectors Store.

So here we go, into 2018.  The A cases will always be a mix of new models for the new year and holdovers from the last.  Based on what I see, 2018 is off to a good start.  Enjoy.

2018 Hot Wheels A Assortment at Wheel Collectors

Not bad right?  Showcases coming for sure.  Look for the Corvette, 240Z, and of course the R30 Skyline to get showcases.  Maybe even a Super TH.

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  1. Great to see this. The RX7 is amazing in yellow! I really like the Deep Dish steelies on the blue Fugu Z. Glad to see the Fiat is back, though I am a little disappointed in the livery and finally, a decent look for the MK7 Golf. Thanks for the pics John!

  2. Well the Skyline looks absolutely epic….that’s an iconic color scheme, and the casting looks spot-on. Can’t wait for a full feature on that one. Aside from that obvious gem, I’m surprised to be most excited by a model that’s already had so many releases…the Datsun 620. That livery looks really great on it. A strong case overall.

  3. Nice to see someone is getting cases. Local Walmart and Targets in the Southeast have had nothing but empty pegs and dump bins full of Spider-Man for months. 🙁

  4. On second thought, I do have a gripe…it really pisses me off that they put an EXPLICITLY surfing-themed deco on the Custom ’62 Chevy, but have switched over to not putting a surfboard in the bed of that casting anymore. COME ON! You can get away with cheap shit like that with ANY other deco, but NOT a surfing deco!

    I’ll have to take a look at one of my examples of the board-less pickup to see if there’s still a notch in the bed so you could at least take a board from a previous release and stick it in this one, but should we really have to do that? No.

  5. That RX-7 looks lit! Can’t wait for that one! Please try to showcase it asap. Love the Datsun 620 and Skyline R30 as well, both of them look very sharp. Even the Corvette convertible looks good.

    1. Have you discovered what the remaining two models were in the upcoming Japan Historics 2 line? I know there was the Pig Butt C130 Laurel, C10 Hakosuka wagon and the C210 Skyline.. I believe all coming out end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

  6. Lots of repeats. Lots of stuff I have no interest in. I basically have been buying MBX. It’s a dam shame that HWs has gone to recycle bin. Same stuff over and over. Some are great to see but some are just a plain waste of space on the pegs. Yet MBX has a shit load of exciting models that can’t get space for. In most retailers MBX is behind at least 2-1 in peg space. While HWs has at least two to three rows of pegs if all models were kept on one peg would have three four rows of garbage. JDM has grown on me I like many of them coming out but how about some new American classics too? Verity and realism is that really to much to ask? It’s like HWs took over peg warmer status and it’s not just their generic or concept stuff sitting. There is so much recycling going on that I see ever the JDM and American cars sitting. They have not put enough realism out imo! Where are the days when you could go into a retailer and seen all great stuff from blue? Something you haven’t seen or seen in a while? I thought when we heard the great news from MBX that they would be changing their approach HWs would follow suit. Very disappointed in the present HWs approach. There’s room for verity but keep on and I can spend my hard earned elsewhere……..

  7. The 5SP wheel is getting its legs stretches this case. Do a feature on it; most of the models sporting it are lookin’ great.

    Unlike Nilsson, I see lots to like here. My highlights, besides the stock-nice NSX and DR30, are the widebody Beetle racer, whose deco I like, the FuguZ recolor that ‘s a good stand-in for DevilZ, the 620 with the new steelies, Boost Brigade Integra-R and Initial D-like FD (perfect for dioramas), and the carry-overs assure me that I can still get myself the mythical McLaren F1 GTR.

    Still, we must be patient. The list will come out sometime this October, maybe even as early as next week, and we shall be waiting for C case onward.

  8. the r30 will definitely be on my watch list as well as the 2 mclarens…lots of good stuff here…

    oh, and the initial d inspired rx-7…wish this color setup is available in maximum tune – wangan midnight 5dx+ game…

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