Hot Wheels unveils the new Nissan C130 Laurel, the new Car Culture, and Japan Historics 2.

That’s a lot of info, right?

Let’s start with the model.  The Hot Wheels Design Team dropped this on IG earlier today:

We have seen some preproduction samples of the new C130 Laurel before, but here is our first look at the completed model.  And it’s gorgeous.  Olive green, sitting on small 4-spoke Real Riders, with the GReddy and JNC logos on the rear panel.  Doing the Butaketsu, or pigs butt Laurel is a stunning – and most welcome – choice, and Jun & co nailed it.

But this photo reveals a little more.  The pigs butt is famous for having its tail lights on its rear bumper, and it would have been a shame if they didn’t get deco.  But they did.  As did the side of the model.  And if you could see the front, you would see front deco as well.  Car Culture is getting the full premium treatment in 2018.  That means front, side, and rear, and sometimes top detailing.  It means a price increase, but these models will never look better.

But we are still not done.  The most famous of all Car Culture assortments is returning, and the Laurel is part.  Yep, Japan Historics is back.  The Laurel will be one of five models in the new Japan Historics II assortment.  Can you guess the other four models?  (Hint: They are all historic Japanese cars.)

I’m in full Homer Simpson-donut droll mode.  This batch can’t come soon enough.

(UPDATE: The HW Design Team posted another pic.  A slight tease as well.)

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  1. Dream Team, indeed. And it’s incredible to read about JH2. They just got more material for it, and I honestly can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store. They’ve done the 70’s cars. I’m guessing they’ll go 90’s now.

  2. I know the other two cars in Japan Historics 2 are the C10 Hakosuka wagon and the C210 Skyline. Question is, what are the remaining two? I’m guessing there will be one Toyota and maybe a Honda or Datsun.

    1. Pretty sure the fairladyZ theyve been previewing with the metal base is one of them. The c110 too as it doesnt adhere to the 4 piece rule (theres a separate piece for the grilles) but that makes it a 4 car nissan lineup. Not much variation unless Japan historics 2 is a one brand exclusive run.

      1. The first Japan Historics set also had 2 Nissans and one Datsun (same company), I guess they’re repeating it here again.

    2. I’d love to see a Honda S800 or Coupe 7/9. They might do another version of the first gen CRX. A Mazda would be a welcome addition, whether it’s an RX7, RX3, or *gasp* Cosmo. Isuzu’s Bellett GT-R or 117 Coupe would be fantastic, or Mitsubishi’s Galant GTO, as well as a premium daruma Celica. How about a slammed Toyota Century?

      If it’s another Nissan I hope it’s either a Z432 or a CSP311.

      And I will keep hoping in vain for a Hino Contessa PD coupe racecar. They look way cooler than their proportions should permit.

  3. This is big. Is the entertainment line Disappearing? I cannot wait to finally have front and rear deco. Woohoo!

  4. Full tampos is very welcome news indeed. I wish Hot Wheels would do tampo on their chrome pieces more often in general, not just for premium releases, because it looks fabulous.

    Now the only question for me is whether to consider pre-ordering JH2 like I did for the first set…I never did see a single original JH on the pegs, but some of the subsequent assortments have hung around forever, including ones I wouldn’t have expected to be peg-warmers. It’s probably safe to assume there’ll be a similar frenzy over these as the first set.

    Do we know how big the price increase will be?

  5. I’m guessing they call it the pig’s butt because it’s pig’s butt ugly? Yikes! I’ll pass on this one. I am however thrilled that Japan Historics is making a second appearance. I never saw a single model from the first series and those are sorely missed in my collection. I’m also very happy to hear we’ll be getting front and rear tampos in the premium line even if it means a price increase. I’d rather pay a little more and have them done right.

  6. This is awesome! Really really hoping for the nissan 180sx to join in. The forst version in red is one my favourites of all time. Now let’s give it the premium treatment and see how good this model can really be.

  7. The rear of the Laurel reminds me of an early ’70s AMX or ’71 Plymouth GTX. Another nice casting I’ll be searching for. Just tuck the wheels in a little more.

  8. The detail looks great for the new line. Mattel has a significant price increase for the 2018 Car Culture line bringing it up to the same level as Retro Entertainment and the details that allows look great. If our phone lines are any indication of how hot this release is going to be today all we did was answer questions about when it would be released. Looks like late December early January. I had to put it on our site just to get the pones under control. Another winner from Hot Wheels! Man the 50th Anniversary is going to be CRAZY!

  9. I know it’s supposed to be Historics, but what about a 180/240SX, or a AE86 Trueno. R32 Skyline, ’75/’84 Celica. Proper nice ’91 Honda Ballade DOHC version. Some new stuff instead of the usual Mazda-Nissan-Datsun stuff. It’s getting old, beautiful, but old.

  10. I Want to know when
    They will do a swapped and Stanced
    Te72 Hatchback sr5.
    With Moon roof.
    There is a car I will buy.
    Every first run
    Variations.Especially a Real riders

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