Matchbox will present the 2018 New Models and other new products tonight. Here is how to watch it.



Sorry I haven’t been dropping a lot of updates from the Matchbox Gathering of Friends here in Albuquerque.  The fact is there is a lot to do, and I don’t want to miss any of it.  It is always a joy to come.

But obviously not everyone can attend, but there is still a way to participate.  Tonight, after the dinner, the Matchbox Team will present the new models for 2018, as well as details on other special lines, and I promise this is something you want to see.  I have gotten a few hints of what is being presented and it will definitely create some buzz.

And you can watch it.  The presentation will be streamed tonight on the Lamley Group Facebook Live feed.  If you haven’t liked the Lamley Group Facebook Page, now is the time.

The Presentation will start somewhere around 6:30-7:00 pm MST, maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later, so be ready.  I will send updates out on Instagram and Facebook as we get closer.

If you can’t watch, I will also post the presentation up on the Lamley Group YouTube Channel afterwards, so watch for that as well.  If you haven’t subscribed to the Channel, this is a good time as well.

This will be fun.  Lots to talk about.  See you soon.


2 Replies to “Matchbox will present the 2018 New Models and other new products tonight. Here is how to watch it.”

  1. some nice models and opening parts with no price increase, shows how they have been ripping us off all these years – Brand new Range Rover, New MGB GT and Jaguar XK140, well, thats me happy for a full year, with just those and less plastic, less generics, more licenced just what we have all been after for years – they are listening, now all we need is to get the models into stores, as its getting nigh on impossible now to find new models

  2. That Junior looks much better in this lighting. More pure baby blue. Still weird proportions, but I dig the color.

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