Here is the entire Matchbox 2018 New Models and Line Preview Presentation at the Matchbox Gathering Convention

You want to watch this.  2018 is going to be a monster year.

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  1. they went a little bit heavy on the crossovers didn’t they? how about a Mazda3 instead of the CX-5? or an A45 AMG instead of the GLE?
    one of the things i miss from the golden era of matchbox was that they did a lot of different kinds of cars, and we got a shitload of sportscars, supercars, hot hatches, etc, now we’re getting beautifully done boring cars like the Jeep Cherokee or the Fiat 500x (they should have done an Abarth instead)

    1. I do agree that we’re seeing too many SUVs and crossovers and not enough regular street cars or sports cars, but this year’s line up is definitely better than last year’s. I mean way better.

    2. I thought the same thing we don’t need more crossovers however I’m still going to get one of them but I’mt not going to collect multiple colors.

    3. You are right? Where’s the M5 or the Caddy V Series cars? Or the Abarth, or the Cobalt SS, or the Cherokee SRT8? We want to see GM yachts from the 70s from GM, even mid 70s early 80s Toyotas

  2. Oh man this was beautiful! Love the new models (many of which I wished to see). My favourite ones are the GLE, G550 and also the i8. Looking forward to those!!! Excitement 10/10.

  3. Looks like Matchbox is going to eat up all my diecast money for 2018. So many licensed models… have to agree even some of the generics are looking cool. The direction looks clear for Matchbox now.

  4. So, after watching the Mattel presentation, I have a few comments and a question. First, was there any mention of bringing back boxes? I hope they do, since heritage / history was discussed. Here are my comments. It’s really good to hear about opening features. I can’t help but wonder if this is a response to Maisto. While they are at it, it would be encouraging if headlights and tail lights made a return. The Matchbox castings are generally pretty good, and almost always let down by a lack of front + rear tampos. Less encouraging, if I heard correctly, is the lack of a price increase. It’s 2017 – increase the price and give us better quality.
    The proposed castings looked interesting. I’m all for contemporary cars and trucks, and here’s the tricky part. I love classic cars. We own four of the real things. That said, I don’t want them in the MBX line-up unless they are branded as Yesteryears and their own separate line. The market is flooded with classic car diecast, and to be frank – MBX and HW are near the bottom of the quality ladder.
    I also like motorcycles in the line, but why can’y we get a rider? A plastic figure adds play value X 1000, yet they don’t add them to these toys.
    My final comment is for the guy first on stage. Stop branding toy cars as toys for boys. Stop addressing this as a boy’s segment. Girls like cars too. Girls have aspirations for technology, building things, driving, racing, and so on.

  5. Some great stuff coming…Nice to see the Modec truck in the line-up- my mate helped develop it back in the 00s…basics line is a great idea, will be good to see old castings like the 300ZX and VW type 3 reappear, and opening features really will increase their appeal to kids.

  6. Things are looking and sounding encouraging for the future of Matchbox . Hopefully more retailers will jump on board with them now .

  7. Ok finally got to finish watching the video. First off let me start by saying after reading through the comments there is a bit of negativity. Lets remember this was a line on the verge of extinction. There were some great models last year compared to years prior. The fact that they are bringing back moving parts is MIND BLOWING. I thought they were gone forever. This really is a new age and a great attempt by Mattel to bring the greatness back to MBX! I do have concerns, my recent hunting has seen many pegs loaded with generics and 4x4s. This s not leaving much room for restocking. I haven’t been able to find some of the models I’ve been waiting for. Is there any plan to scale back on the generics? It really makes some reatailers aren’t selling but by what are on the pegs you can tell the anticipated models are gone and the less wanted are left sitting.

  8. Man, it looks very promising for Matchbox next year! Maybe a start of a new Golden Age perhaps? Although some of the comments above could debate that. Just like John Nilsson mentioned, there seems to be a lot of negativity with the new direction.

    I mean realistically, look at what they’re doing: focusing more on authentic diecast rather than the plastic pieces of generic shit that make up most of the current lineup, devoting a whole series for Mercedes Benz, a brand that once disappeared from Matchbox starting seven years ago, bringing even more licensed models back both new and old for better appeal, bringing back opening parts which is a biggie, making their own treasure hunts which will compete more with Hot Wheels, throwing in surprise licensed new models here and there to add even more appeal, and so on!

    So what’s there to complain about? I mean really, “too many crossovers don’t you think?” Uh, hello? Isn’t that what makes up most of our roads today anyway? Same story with the S.U.V.’s! They’re the best selling vehicle in America, so of course Matchbox is gonna catch up on that! To me, it sounds like a bit of nit-picking. I personally love where Matchbox is going. It seems more defined! Finally some long devoted attention and direction change to the brand that I loved when I was a kid in the 2000s that I would later despise from the devastating direction change of late 2011 and early 2012.

    1. Something to consider – those who are critical of a product have more influence on change than those who have nothing to say at all, or simply praise everything.

  9. cars are changing now and kids might not want to buy the old type of cars because they might of nether herd of them and you see a lot of crossovers and suv models on the road but not many old cars yes you do but not as much as we use to its the new jenaration now of cars but what I would like to see more of are saloons not big cars all the time but I love the new cars for 2018 such as the mecedes gle coupe, mazda cx5, cadillac escalade, honda civic and bmw i8 and I like the tesla modle x idea and I think they said the nissan leaf 2018 model that would be nice and I’m looking forward to the opening doors and stuff but really good job matchbox I will certainly be buying the mecedes gle coupe next year

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