The first wave of Jada JDM Tuners is here.

I haven’t done a lot of Jada showcases yet.  That is about to change.  Scream it from the rafters: “LAMLEY HYPES JDM!!!!!!”  Yes, yes I do.  And I sure enjoy doing it.

Jada JDM Tuners series in 1/64 has hit.  Several have found the first group of Wave 1 at some stores, and my friends at SURPLUSgoodies just received Groups 1A and 1B.  You can see them here:

Jada JDM Tuners at SURPLUSgoodies

The set is pretty cool.  I have them coming and am looking forward to seeing them in person.  Yes, they are bigger than your standard Hot Wheels-sized models, but that is why you buy a few of them.  They work together.

There is a lot to like, and the set spans a large time period, from the NSX to Supra to Lancer to Ben Supra GT-R to even the Toyota FT1 Concept.  There is a lot of influences here.  To me the FT1 is most exciting, followed by the Supra.  But lets see what I think when I have them in person.  Tell me what you think too.


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  1. My local TRU had a set of these and about 100 of the new Majorette on the pegs 2 weeks ago. Tried to buy several and was told they should not be out yet and I could not buy them till 7/16 for the Majorette and 7/19 for the Jada. The lady did put them in a bag with my name and number so I could come back. We will see.

  2. Well I for one will gripe about the scale. Does no one at Jada look at any forum or blogs? There are many out there that just hates this weird scale. Just look at hot wheel’s failed F&F 1:50ish cars. Those are warming up the pegs nationwide. Such a shame that these nice cars are made in such disgusting scale. I’ll PASS!!

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