The Hot Wheels Time Shifter joins the Time Attaxi.

My job here was to show both.  Your job is, if you can, to help me and the rest of the readers to understand the myriad of influences that have gone into these two.

Have at it.

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  1. The Time Attaxi is based on a ’95 Toyota Crown Comfort, a very popular model as a taxi in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In fact, this generation is still made only as a fleet car, even though there have been new Toyota Crown generations (sold worldwide as a Lexus Models). The name comes from the ”Time Attack” drift modality and the tunning style is based (I think) in the Taxi movies franchise. As far I know, the Toyota Crown Comfort hasn’t got van version.

  2. As far as generics go, these are great. Really looks like they were built in some kids garage. That time shifter in that livery would look good paired with a certain tire repair wrapped Ford Raptor

  3. As David Zimmerman said- these are both pretty cool models as far as generics go. I’ve picked up all three (?) versions of the Time Attaxi and I’ll likely get at least one of the new one too. Thanks for the feature!

  4. Awesome time shifter and time attaxi you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I like and I love both of them thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for that new time shifter thumbs up.

  5. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Time Attaxi, but I did pick up that debut red version, just for how wacky it is, definitely unique. I like the Time Shifter quite a bit more though…blame it on its resemblance to those ’80s Volvo bricks, which I have a soft spot for. I was disappointed to see the metal doesn’t extend to the rear of the car, but other than that I like it.

  6. The time attaxi’s my favorite generic. So much effort went into its details, some of which require the car to be disassembled to see.

    – Body styled after Toyota Crown Comfort Hong Kong taxi
    – Turbocharged four rotor wankel engine, as evidenced by the dual canted air filters, interior details under the hood, and front mounted intercooler.
    – Time attack inspired aero (canards, fins, rear diffuser (?))
    – Drift inspired details (half-cut overfenders, crudely modified front, mad mike rx7 style engine setup, ventilation holes cut in back window)

    also note the incredibly detailed interior piece, hood pins, fender mirror, and relocated radiator (coolant lines over roof into trunk; trunk lid has vent holes).

  7. Drift cars like Time Attaxi go through a LOT of tires, so I guess they need a vehicle that brings a load of new ones fast…

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