Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C aka “that assortment with the R34 Skyline GT-R” is now out.

A heads up that Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C is out, and Wheel Collectors has it:

Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C at Wheel Collectors

I have heard rumors that this is a 5-model set, but all I remember is the Nissan R34 Skyline.  It’s blue and it is from a movie about cars that go really fast and stuff.  Here is a photo:


And here it is with those other models that supposedly exist:


11 Replies to “Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C aka “that assortment with the R34 Skyline GT-R” is now out.”

  1. Those new entertainment car’s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all 5 of those thumbs up.

  2. Jesus, this has to be one of the weakest Entertainment batches ever…Not even an excellent GT-R casting can make up for the other 4. I’m envisioning those 4 warming the pegs for months, while the GT-R will be nowhere to be found.

  3. I really don’t see the point of releasing a casting like the Milano, which has no wheels, in a premium series like the entertainment batch. With a car, you can put real riders on it. With a ship that has forgone the need for wheels, what can you do to make it any more ‘special’ than the mainline version that was released a few months back.

    1. I guess the milano is for people who were unfortunate enough not to be able to find one in store for $1 so now they’re stuck paying $5 from a premium one because it’s better than paying scalper prices on ebay.

      1. I never understood the point of this kind of casting in the first place…the Star Trek ships were kind of cool, but other than that I just don’t see why there should be aircraft in either of Mattel’s lineups. Last time I checked, the brand wasn’t called “Hot Wings”

      2. …although I supposed it’s better than slapping wheels on something that never had them in the first place, like the Jetsons spaceship or the Snoopy-mobile (which wasn’t even a VEHICLE, let alone one with wheels!!!)

  4. Im going to my secret spot tomorrow…they always have heaps of the latest entertaiment/car culture/pop culture stuff on the pegs. Toy world for all aussie hot wheel hunters is your best chance.

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