Skyline fans, the Skyline you don’t have was just released by Tomica Limited Vintage.

The Tomica Limited Vintage July assortment is out, and its looking right at you, Skyline fans.

There is a lot to be excited about in this batch, including the second Mazda Cosmo released to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, this time in police livery.  Or the lesser-known 1/43 scale TLV’s, this time in the form of a Nissan Cedric Gran Turismo in two colors.  You can see them all at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

But this batch is really all about the Skylines.  Two more Hakosuka Skylines – that makes 7 total of this newer casting – and the smile-inducing R33 GT-R Autech 40th Anniversary Edition.


The R33 hasn’t gotten a ton of love in 1/64, especially outside of Japan, but that is quickly changing with Kyosho doing the 400R, Hot Wheels unveiling theirs, and now TLV releasing the GT-R Autech.

And remember, this is TLV.  They aren’t just going to do an R33 GT-R.  Look closely.  It’s a 4-door.  The 4-door Autech was created to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Skyline, and it is truly unique among the family of GT-R’s.  Most importantly, TLV’s replica appears to be spot on.

I have no idea if a police GT-R Autech was ever made, but I am happy to see it here.  The pair is truly a must-have, especially if you are a Skyline collector, and there is a nice fat gap where all the R33’s should be.

I will showcase these as soon as I get them.  For now, go grab one, or all, for yourself.

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