As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending June 10, 2017

Customs will be a big part of next week.  Prepare for the #matchboxcustomcontest announcement in just a couple of days, and then get ready to get to work.  Last year’s contest was fantastic, and this one will be even better.

But let’s get back to this week’s As is the Custom selections.  As always, I picked those that caught my attention on Instagram, and they are posted here.  A few of you have reached out asking if there are other ways for me to see your customs.  Feel free to email photos, but the way for them to be shown here is by posting on Instagram.  That is the rule I set to make it easy for everyone, and posting on IG is easy.  It doesn’t matter if you have one follower or a million.  If you tag your photo with #lamleycustoms I will see it.  I check numerous other tags as well.

A special thanks once again to Chris Huntley and 7Eightoys for supporting As is the Custom.  This week’s wheel is the #786:

Here we go:

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Clip to show how the bed works and other details. The bed has a central rib running along the length underneath the frame. That rib slides between the two runners on top of the chassis rails. There are two small metal pins in the rib that slide under the runners to stop the bed coming off the truck, other than sliding it backwards. You can do without the pins but I find it annoying if you pick up the truck and the bed is loose but that's probably just me!😂😂 🎺 This build was done using a lot of parts available from the store linked in my bio. Check out @not_two_deer for other builds done using the kits. #flatbedtransport #tilttray #cartransport #hotwheels #matchbox #customdiecast #customhotwheels #matchboxcustoms #liveandletdiecast

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3 Replies to “As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending June 10, 2017”

  1. My thoughts:

    1) I’d love to see how the wheels on the 911 RSR were done…it looks like there are standard Hot Wheels LWs in there, with a deeper rim added?
    2) The “Ace of Spades” pair is seriously impressive hand-done work.
    3) The car transporter with the pair of matching Dodge A100s is killer. I want it. Now.
    4) The Ducati pair shows why I don’t collect Hot Wheels motorcycles…the scale differential is just cartoonish. Not a knock on the customizer, because his work is great, but it just shows that either model is awesome in isolation, but nonsense put together.
    5) AWESOME rust effects on the Lincoln Continental! I’m squinting and trying to figure out if it’s actual rust…If so, well done… if it IS simulated, EXTRA well done.

  2. Holy shit…I’m looking closer at that Continental…did adinukusuma strategically cut through parts of the diecast and bend it to simulate a door-sagging issue on the left side?!? With no B-pillar, that’s something you’d definitely see on a neglected example of the real thing…serious props on that, that’s a detail I wouldn’t have thought up in a million years.

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