Ryu Asada and Jun Imai talk Hot Wheels Design with Petrolicious

Many of you have sent me links to this article since it was posted, so I thought I would post a link here.  Go for the pictures, but stay for the article.  It is a great read, with Jun and Ryu really detailing the process and their backgrounds.

The author also captures what it is like to enter the Design Center.  That Willy Wonka feeling is real.  Enjoy:

Petrolicious: Join Us For A Deep Dive Into The Hot Wheels Design Process


(photo credit: Petrolicious.com)

5 Replies to “Ryu Asada and Jun Imai talk Hot Wheels Design with Petrolicious”

  1. Two things I noticed…

    1. Wheels on the 3D print of the 964.
    2. Porsche 356 Speedster/Roadster

    Just saying. Haha. Cool read for sure!

  2. I spot a new 964 Turbo casting + new wheels. Also that canceled 356 Speedster. Overall, awesome post! Definitely worth reading.

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