Roy De Guzman’s Hot Wheels Skyline begins its publicity tour.

You are going to see a lot of this little Hot Wheels car in the coming months:


And for good reason.  For one, it’s a tremendous Hot Wheels model, and two, it is based on a real car built by a supercool dude.

Japanese Nostalgic Car is the first to showcase Roy De Guzman’s Hakosuka – their logo is also on the model – but they won’t be the last.  It will surely be blasted all over Instagram and Facebook when the Hot Wheels M Case hits, and I of course want to photograph it myself.  For now, enjoy the feature on JNC.

(Photo Credit: Japanese Nostalgic Car)

10 Replies to “Roy De Guzman’s Hot Wheels Skyline begins its publicity tour.”

  1. This is one of those castings that they could plaster a pink teddy bear deco all over and I’d still buy it. It’s just a great great model. Thankfully, the deco on this is cool (unlike my teddy bear example) and it makes it even cooler to know that it’s based on a real car in the rear world. I look forward to adding this to the collection.

  2. I find it bland, if the windows were smoked, and had black base, despite it interfering on the chin color, it would be better, the new steelies would fit it well too.

  3. Looks nice. I’ll be hunting for one. We’ve had this casting before though, right? It’s only the paint job that’s new?

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