Lamley Showcase: 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture “Race Day” Assortment

Is it the artwork?  Or the models?  Both are tremendous.


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  1. I’m still tickled that I was able to score all of these at a local Walmart that usually lags horrendously behind current product. Every single one is a winner. I thought the 962 would be my favorite, but the 934 is just amazing…Awesome deco, and the red wheels set it off spectacularly. Great batch though.

  2. It seems like Hot Wheels is so random as to when they decide to out front and rear headlight tampos. Some mainline models get the full treatment while others don’t. Same for car culture. You would think they would all get the full tampos, but some get it and others get skipped.

  3. Last time the nsx was produced was a couple years ago for the road tripping series if I remember right and the base was retooled for this last version

  4. I visited a few stores today in the Chicago area, and managed to score all the castings.

    I agree on the 935-78 being the highlight, and am disappointed at the lack of front and rear tampos–AGAIN!–on the Mazda. C’mon Hot Wheels…jeez…

    On another note, there is an a-hole in this town who buys the ones he wants…probably to resell…and then BENDS THE CARDS on the ones he leaves behind…probably to ‘increase the value’ of the ones he resells.

    There are a few scumbags in this hobby whose antics ruin the hobby for the rest of us.

    Get a life, loser. These are just TOY CARS…


    1. I kinda wish someone would bend the cards near me so I’d have a fighting chance at finding some to DLM.

    2. Yeah.. when a new line comes out and I may get the 2 or maybe 3 of the ones left.. I’ve noticed that some of the cards were bent or distorted. Sometimes I thought maybe the stock person was in a hurry, dropped a few, maybe the case box got damaged somehow or some kid was over zealous with them.
      Because there were just a couple left.. I guess you’re right and it may have been a greedy scalper or a LOSER WITH NO LIFE! I hope I don’t ever walk up on someone doing such a selfish, stupid thing like that, but then I’m not out 10:30 pm at night roaming the isles either, like those package destroying LOSERS!

  5. Awesome car culture race day car’s you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I got the last 2 today that I needed. The Porsche 962, and the 1978 Porsche 935-78. So now I have the complete set thumbs up.

  6. Great models but……sigghhhh, another premium set with a premium price tag AND NO headlight/rear light detailing. It’s sad when a $1.00 mainline car with front and rear tampos looks more realistic than a $3-4.00 “premium” model.

  7. Just picked up the entire set at toyworld australia lots on the pegs! None at big w or toyrus yet though. Get em before they go

  8. The 935 and 962 are both based on real cars – the 962 featured the same livery but featured Trust branding rather than Greddy (Trust is Greddy’s parent company, so makes sense), and the founder of Momo ran a Moby Dick-styled 935 in the early 1980s.

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