Here is a look at all that Hot Wheels unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show, including the new C210 Skyline.

Yes, another Skyline for 2018.  And hot-diggity-dog its a good one.

This run on Hot Wheels sneaks for 2018 is all because Designer Jun Imai is in Japan for the Tokyo Toy Show.  Mattel has a booth there and Jun has been showcasing some of the upcoming JDM Hot Wheels for 2018.

(That is why there have been so many JDM sneaks.  Muscle, Euro, and classic fans, never fear, your day is most certainly coming.)

To remind you in case all these sneaks are starting to run together, Jun unveiled the Honda City Turbo and DR30 and R33 GT-R Skylines for the basic range, and the C10 Skyline Wagon, Nissan Laurel, and C210 Skyline for Car Culture.

Yep, the C210, also known as the Skyline Japan.  That is only one we haven’t seen officially, but it is there with the other prototypes on display.  If you are keeping score, that is the fourth new Skyline previewed for 2018.  Yummy yummy.

These photos were taken and posted on the IG account of @31kimu74, and they give us some closeups not only of the C210, but the other models as well.  Enjoy.

18 Replies to “Here is a look at all that Hot Wheels unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show, including the new C210 Skyline.”

  1. Paint that Skyline Wagon brown and it’ll look like its made out of wood. Anyway, nice cars. Preparing myself for more frustration searching for these when they come out.

    1. Im guessing car culture models are hard or impossible to get in some countries? I do feel sorry for people having to pay big $$ to get them via the internet! These are very easy to get in my country australia thankfully.

      1. In the USA sellers take them all if you want the good stuff you have to make it your 2nd job to find them it sucks for non selling collectors. I used to go to every store not worth my time anymore i just hit up two stores once a week now.

  2. Those new hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for these next year thumbs up.

  3. I am usually down for another unique Skyline, but I have never professed to be a hardcore Skyline junkie. So at the risk of sounding unappreciative, this seems a bit excessive for a single nameplate in a single year. I am just glad to see the Honda City in there to mix things up a bit.

    Having said that, I do look forward to the R33. I do believe that was my first introduction to the Skyline way back when. I’ll take mine in graphite gray with gray wheels please! The others… I’m sure I’ll pick up regardless of any real knowledge about them. You can never have too much JDM, am I right?

  4. The R33 is easily my favourite here. Absolutely beautiful casting! I think it might even be better than the R34. And I love that they went 100% stock with this one (the 32 and 34 aren’t). The other one I’m interested in is the C210. Looks a great, clean casting! Can’t wait for either!

  5. Oh man, the C210 looks so much better than the R30. But the Laurel is stunning. Can’t wait to see the hako wagon in metal. I think HW are redeeming themselves, now that the whole set is shown.

    Happy 60th birthday, Skyline! (I’m wondering if Car Culture is just a Skyline Birthday set)

    I assume the S54 and BLRA-3 are coming next week from Matchbox? 😉

  6. @craig big w ,toysrus, toy world , myer now appears to stock them aswell ,target sometimes and reject shop gets alot of pop culture releases .my local toy world has lots of car culture stuff on the pegs even this latest series. Hobbywarehouse a local online store sells them at the same price as stores with minimal shipping.

  7. Any rough idea when these will be in stores?! I’m new to collecting Hot Wheels and I don’t know when new releases usually make their way to the stores

  8. I too have become jaded because the of the “hoarders” and “manipulators” who commandeer the toy department workers and scour every single store around and buy up all the VHTF goodies, then wreck the packaging of the stuff they leave behind that ‘they’ don’t want but someone else would! I’ll still hunt for the things I absolutely must have..but it’s not fun anymore.

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