Finally! RLC Members your Membership Gassers are coming.

Excited?  Relieved?  Something else entirely?  Probably a lot of emotions.  The 2-3 year nightmare is over.  The Membership Gassers are shipping.

It will happen in shifts, but over the next few weeks everyone who joined the RLC in 2014 will finally have their membership car or cars, depending on the level purchased.  Some already have theirs:

#gasserhype has exploded since these were first announced, so interest in these is a lot different than what it was back then.  But more importantly, this is the best message that the RLC debacle at Mattel is coming to an end.

I have said that one day I would love to have someone at Mattel tell the story of the Gassers and everything else that went wrong with the RLC.  But for now we will just be happy to have them.

I have the chrome level models coming, so look for an opening video once I get them.


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