Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Honda S2000 multipack exclusive with 5-spoke wheels


It seems every few months some Hot Wheels Honda S2000 news appears.  The model is everywhere.

It was gobbled up in the last two Fast & Furious releases, and has also been a popular multipack release, showing in 9, 10, and 3-packs in a unique teal color:


Well, now comes word of a wheel variation.  Australian collector @that_diecast_guy found this in a 3-pack:

5-spokes seems like an odd choice for the S2K, so there was thought it might be a random one-off.  Until this was noted in California:

So it is out there, and it appears that it is being found in recently released packs.  That could mean it will be a fairly common variation, but we won’t know for awhile.  All I know is I will pick one up if I find it.

(Thanks to @ls3rx7 for sharing the news.)

4 Replies to “Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Honda S2000 multipack exclusive with 5-spoke wheels”

  1. Yeah, this has been known for a couple weeks now on the HW site in the variation thread. In case you guys aren’t aware if it, there’s a variation on the red multi only Porsche Cayman S as well. Original release has chrome 10 spoke, but it’s being found in 9ers with chrome mc5’s. Sorry for not bringing the S2000 up here! MusicVox

  2. I’d definitely pick up this vari if I found it in a 3-pack, but there’s no way I’d shell out $10 for a 9-pack. I actually think the 5SP looks better than the 10SP…surprising, because I generally like the 10 better.

  3. I just found this today myself.. I was surprised. I prefer the multispoke wheels on the previous one.. I did pickup a 10 pack just to get the S2000 (well and a few others I liked) so I couldn’t justify getting another 10 pack just to get the new wheels. Neat finds though.

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