The TLV Porsche family grows.


So I have typed about 32 different titles for this post.  I settled on a statement of fact instead of a clever headline to pull you in.

The truth is that if a picture of a Porsche 911S by Tomica Limited Vintage won’t pull you in, a clever headline certainly won’t.  So, there you go.  There is a TLV family of Porsches. The family hasn’t grown in awhile, but last month it did.  By two.  And collectors rejoice.

I showcased the first 9 TLV Porsches a couple of months ago, and what a group it is:


Two police cars, some 912, lots of Fuchs.  All pretty.  And it is hard to believe that for a long time they were fairly easy to get.  Sure, you had to pay slightly more than you would for a standard TLV, but that was all it required to get them.  I bought almost all of these on eBay a few years ago.

That is certainly not the case now.  Porsches have always been cool, but the popularity of Magnus Walker, RWB, Singer, and on and on, Porsche is on fire these days.  And that is reflected in the collector world.  There is practically a Porsche in every Hot Wheels assortment now.  Matchbox is bringing back some older Porsche castings.  And these Tomica Limited Vintage releases have surged in price.

So thank goodness TLV released two more.  Now new collectors can get their Porsche fix with the newly-released models before they too go up in price.  And as TLV typically does, they created a little variety for everyone.

One 911S with the signature side deco and Fuchs, and one with hubs.  The hubs model goes a little further, sporting the special 50th Anniversary deco that Porsche used on an original 911 and toured the world.


Such a pretty pair.  And speaking of pretty, how about the Fuchs family?


Nice eh?  Just don’t mispronounce or mistype the family name.  It is worse than calling Lamley “Lamely”.

Collecting Porsches is a pleasure.  Collecting TLV is as well.  They cross so beautifully.

(These Porsches pop up at Japan Booster and sell out quickly, so keep watching.)

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  1. This is such a nice casting of the early 911/912. The classic silver and whites were my favorites. But this blue one blows them away. I just need to add the one police car to have a complete set.


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