Let’s end Datsun 510 Day with one of the best-looking Hot Wheels 510’s you will ever see.

Maybe there is been a slight case of 510 overkill today, especially as 510 Day comes to an end.  Let’s call it a modern holiday.  One that invites folks to post photos of anything 510 related, and it has worked.  I sure have posted my share.

So, to close out the holiday I have one more (we should have plenty more 510’s to show next year).  This one might be my favorite one to show.  It is one of a VERY small number of customs I have in my collection.  It is a customized Hot Wheels 510 by the one-and-only Luke Baumstark, known as @lukeshotwheels on Instagram, and known in the collector community as one of the best customizers around.  And I’m the lucky bastard who has it in his collection.

You have seen this model before.  It was the featured model in the blog header for over 6 months.  But I have never featured it.  I haven’t let you see all the details that Luke put into this beauty.  Today is as good as any to show it.

I will let the photos do the talking, but I will say two things.  One, is it is mind-blowingly well done.  Luke’s work is pristine.  What separates Luke’s customs from many is the finishing touches.  The paint, decals, and details are precise.  Many times a custom looks good in photos, but not as sharp in person.  Luke’s works are the opposite.  My photos don’t do this model justice.

Second, I feel very lucky to have this model.  Luke actually gave it to me as a gift at last year’s JCCS.  It instantly became a treasured prize in my collection.  I have enjoyed getting to know Luke through my work here on the blog, and he has become a great friend.  He gets a lot of attention for his work, and it is well-deserved.  He is even a cooler dude.

So I am showing off.  This one-of-one is mine, and I am stoked owner.  It is going nowhere.

Enjoy the pics.

3 Replies to “Let’s end Datsun 510 Day with one of the best-looking Hot Wheels 510’s you will ever see.”

  1. You got a good one! As I always say detail makes a great custom and this one is great one. Some of these guys are really talented think this would put to shame most premium line models. At least give them a run for their money!

  2. As I become more and more addicted to collecting, the Datsun 510 in all it's variations have truly become my favorite. Hot Wheels does it so well. I'm eternally jealous of this piece

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