Lamley Unboxing: Auto World 2017 Release 2, Versions A and B

Auto World 2017 Release 2 v A & B on eBay
In the world of 1/64 Auto World has been that steady player.  Consistently churning out near-perfect replicas of stock American classics.  That means AW has its share of fans, my included, but it rarely sets the diecast world on fire.
That might change, thanks to 2017 Release 2.  Collectors will flock to eBay and to stores for the two Ford GT40s, but the ’67 Mustangs and Chevy Kingswood Estates will be hard to ignore as well.  Just prepare to see plenty of Gulf GT finds photos on IG soon.
Auto World was nice enough to send both the A and B cases of Release 2 over for a preview.  It is below:
Quite a batch.  These should hit this month.  DLM video and photos coming soon.

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  1. The GT40s are stunners, and the Kingswoods are wagon perfection…I'd be happy with the four of them, though I'm thinking the GT40s will be nearly impossible to find on the pegs.

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