Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Matchbox F Case (because I totally forgot to post it earlier)

Little vacations do this.

The G Case is out, but I never posted my F Case Unboxing video.  So here it is.


My guess is I will have a G Case Unboxing soon.

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  1. Cool cars, but prices at wheels collectors (and elsewhere) are excessive, if not abusive, and do not incite me to collect.

  2. I think that Chevy van would make a good Rescue the way it is, with that bike. 😉
    One question though: why on Earth cannot Matchbox do vehicles with the proportions of the Ford F550 Super Duty and with the lenght of the Land Rover 90? I like that Ford F550 is more or less fitting pair of e.g. an International Workstar. Making them with smaller wheelbase (which can be done looking at Land Rover 90 or Scrambulance, etc), they could make e.g. cool chief fire SUVs or any cars which would fit to their trucks quite good. Hope one day I'll see something like that. Not that I don't look anything cool nowdays. 🙂 I'm a big fan of this management. That's why I hope they'll do this way too.

  3. The way I like to view the Chevy is that its an old ambulance that's been adapted for search and rescue after being retired as an ambulance.

    What I don't understand is that Mattel can't afford separate light bars, or more than four parts, but can afford to tool separate molds for these silly variations like bike vs. tanks on the Chevy, and gear vs. no gear in the bed of the VW T3 truck. That's gotta cost more than a model with more than four parts or an extra light bar.

  4. I suspect the separate light bar is not so much an extra cost as it is a “choking” hazardous. I noticed the new surfboard on the Hotwheels Surf Crate is not removable anymore most likely due to how small it is. I don't know for sure though. I am just guessing.

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