Case Report: 2017 Matchbox F Case

This will be quick.  With Hot Wheels you can count on International cases hitting hobby dealers a few weeks before the big box stores.  That hasn’t been the case lately with Matchbox, so many of you have already encountered the 2017 F Case in stores.

That said, I like to document what I can, and Wheel Collectors of course photographed the F Case contents as they opened one.  And it is below.  You can find all the models at Wheel Collectors now:

Matchbox 2017 F Case at Wheel Collectors

As always, here are the models as they were pulled 3-by-3.  There are some definite highlights.  Let me know what you think.


22 Replies to “Case Report: 2017 Matchbox F Case”

  1. Another big step forward, I hope at some point they can release a case of mostly licsened models. I think if they trend towards licsened models it should boost sales,If they haven't already. They are doing a superb job with them.

  2. I noticed the Swamp Raider is a repeat design as well. However, it is a slightly darker color (I think) and the casting is modified with more plastic and without the tent in the bed.

    Personally, I hope the recent number of repeat liveries on non-licensed models and the Ford Ambulance is a cost saving measure to allow for more licensed models.

  3. Not a fan of recycling liveries less than 10 years old. It seems that the Matchbox team has been downsized to the point that they don't have enough manpower to come up with an original livery for each model in the range.

  4. Is the Road Tripper a new MAN but retooled one? I remember the deco was the recolor of 2011 basic 1-100. Mattel once announced to make an altered cast as MB836 in about 2015. We never saw that happen. Another thought is the word “tripper” in German aka something awkard or bad meaning, so another similar 4×4 school bus was renamed from “Field Tripper” to “Scholar Hauler”.

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