The ultra-completist: The amazing Hot Wheels Mitsu Evo collection of Eric Petor.

One of my favorite parts of doing the Lamley Blog is showcasing other’s collections.  We all collect the way we want to collect, and so call it a curiosity to see what ring’s someone else’s bell.

For Eric Petor of Pennsylvania, it is the Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.  Eric has been after every variation of the Evo he can find.  From wheel variations to card variations to everything in-between.  He is the ultra-completist collector.

Eric was kind enough to share photos of his collection.  And as I was uploading the pics to the blog, there were so many I completely lost track of the order of release.  Let’s just say Eric has a lot of Hot Wheels Evos.  He has pursued them in all kinds of ways, from proper finds to trades to purchases.  And he has done quite a good job.

I asked for his thoughts:

Couple highlights:

Took 4 years of non-stop looking
Hardest few to find were the following:
X-ray color shifter, Silver 10 spoke variation, black mainline PR5 variation, two variations of the WRC model.  Impossible to find was the white dewart 10 pack and the 3 pack red dewart.
Of course there are lots of people out there with these loose, but to find them on card was my challenge I made in 2012.
The 9 pack copper orange is a 7/10 hard to find
The 3 pack red dewart with silver wheels was 7/10 hard to find
the short card super was a 9/10 hard to find
the 10 pack white dewart with the silver wheel variation was a 10/10 hard to find.  Only saw 2 for sale ever.    Those three are my grail pieces and will never be sold.

How cool is it to have your grails?  Diligence is the key, as is the willingness to spend when you have to spend.  But in the end it can be a blast to do.  Plus, how cool is it to say you have the best collection of a particular casting?

Eric may have the best Evo collection out there.  Some of you might match it.  Others might know of models Eric doesn’t have.  Isn’t that the fun of collecting?

Here is Eric’s collection, in no particular order.

(Thanks Eric.)


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  1. Don't be jealous…8ts hard work collecting every single variation. I have three different models I'm a completest with and I'm not complete on two of them.

  2. Not my cup of tea at all! He must own a Real one. I used to Shoot for the entire FEs but that was when there was a complete set worth collecting.
    As far as showcasing others collections a big thumbs up👍! I used to love seeing my customs on the site.

    These days I tend to just collect what I like and had this great plan to do a dio to showcase my collection. However the collection has grown legs of it's own and I would probably need a wherehouse to accommodate it. The mear thought of thinning the heard is an agonising one. I started putting my collection up on Instagram but quickly hit a road block. I would make a comparison to writers block. Overwhelming at times because I like to customize. I have a real life too with responsibilities. I sometimes go into my room look around and just don't know where to begin. There is a great idea for a artical. Getting Your Collection In Order. I know how do help someone get their collection in order. Anyway great artical some may think not but it's nice to know guys are just as nuts as you are when it comes to these little menices that become so addicting.

  3. That dude was on a mission!
    I remember purchasing a small handful of loose Speed Machine cars off of Ebay a few years back. All I wanted was the Jake C6-R Corvette LM, but it came with green Acura NSX, purple Cadillac LMP, steel blue Ferrari 599, gray Ferrari California, and last but not least .. the red/black '08 EVO!
    My plan was to sell the NSX, Caddy and the EVO to recover my purchase cost and back in '12 i only got all of those for less than $25!
    For some reason guess i procrastinated and now I have everyone of them, but who knew in four to five years some would skyrocket in price like they did?

  4. That's a difficult task. I tried to collect as many of the variation of the casting that I like but either could not find them or did not like the tampos.

  5. I like collecting variations. But, whence there becomes more than 5, lol, it starts to blur. But, I collect everything once and then add to each as I like. And when 250 basics a year start piling up and I have to make an appointment to visit them, lol, along with all of the different series and special sets and even other companies I like, I started to worry and stress that I may have buried myself. And YET, I am like that one who has great pain when considering letting some of the flock go. I think part of that is remembering the thrill it was to acquire it…way back when. And how will I cope without it.
    At any rate, the only problem I see with this article is the lack of the variation notes per photo. Now THERE's another challenge for you…lol But, that would make it even more interesting for me, anyway.
    Eric must be absolutely tortured to not be able to complete this yet! I know how it is…

  6. Everybody B different grinchs'! Besides, not everyone has time to spend immense amounts of time running a die-cast blog, juggle a job and family.
    When you have time to start a blog and keep it going successfully, you can post what you want and then you can have negative comments thrown out at you.
    Let's see if anyone out there can do better than the Lamley Group and take a hit, huh? No takers, whiners or complainers???
    I thought so!

  7. That is quite the accomplishment to collect all releases and variations of a single model. Kudos to Petor for his passion and persistence. What I don't understand however is the lead photo/final photo showing 25 of the exact same release. If there are paint, wheel or card variations, I get it, but otherwise what is the point?

    For me, I collect models of the real cars I like and will then typically buy multiple paint variations, but not all. I prefer them “clean” or in a nice race livery, so the more wild and crazy the graphics, the more likely I am to pass.

  8. Respect to this guy for going all out! I appreciate when people take this kind of effort to build such a collection.

    I don't think I would ever do this because I don't have the time, will or most importantly money to search and buy each car I want, and nor do I have the space to keep all of them if I do get them. Thats why I stick to the rule of only buying what I really want.

  9. I used to collect cars that looked cool
    I used to play with them and make cities
    Then I grew up and realises grown men
    Real men don't play with toy cars

    Then I stumbled on this sad pathetic joke of a site

    Where scalpers beat employees for rare shiny cars

    Where a rare shiny is worth 10-20x it's RRP

  10. Like, you say you grew up. All I see is someone who feels the need to make themselves feel like more of a man buy insinuating that people who collect diecast are “children”, as you in a round about way put it. You have to come on here and attempt to “belittle” collectors to make yourself apparently look better.

  11. John, I know you most likely won't see this, but could you please stop approving Trent Riley's comments? He's just a troll and he's just as bad, if not worse than Drunk Vader. I hate seeing him insult you and your site. You don't deserve this. You put so much work into this blog, especially with your stunning photos.

  12. Nice collection, but what I miss is the background story. What are the differences, why is one harder to find, which was the best find, etc. Now it's “just” some pictures of the same car. I would love a bit more insight next time.

  13. Joey it is all good. I am never bothered by criticism thrown my way, as some of it can be very helpful. But I do try and moderate those comments that can derail a good diecast discussion. Trent has added some good comments in the past but it seems he has moved from that. We will see how it plays out.

  14. Here's the thing
    When I collected cars
    I actually played with them and made cities and shit
    But now I'm grown up and mature
    I've realises that collecting tou cars to stare at and watch gather dust is a time and money wasting idea
    I think it's sad and almost pathetic to waste money on ornaments

  15. Okay, John, I understand. I just wanted to say again how much I love your blog. It's what taught me about cases and codes. It's really helped me find the cars I want.

  16. So you are grown up and mature, and have realised that, according to you, collecting diecast cars is sad and pathetic. Yet you have the apparent need to come online to a website that is about collecting and has absolutely no bearing on your everyday life, telling people that mean absolutely zero to anything you do that they are stupid for collecting.

    Sounds to me like you need to pat yourself to make yourself feel better. Like any other internet troll. Sounds to me like there is another immature man here other than those that collect. But hey, whatever.

  17. this is most complete documented evo variation to date, i collect evos, still missing pr5 and 10 pack walmart, the last samurai from mitsu…. it will be my guidance to completing this awesome casting

  18. I collected for a different reason to everyone here
    And it's dumb when your basically turning a toy into an ornament to place in a case and just stare at till you die

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