Tomica Limited Vintage playtime.

TLV at Japan Booster

Never have I been more excited for a bland white truck.  One of the coolest models of the year.

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  1. The “Crestas” are actually Mark IIs (there's an II you can see on the box that gives it away), though the only difference is that the Cresta is the Hardtop bodystyle, and the Mark II is the sedan bodystyle, further they're pretty much the same car.

    They're the GT Twin Turbo trim level, and the Police Car was from the Taiyō ni Hoero! TV series, although i have no idea how to pronounce that either.

    To be honest, I am far more excited about the 2nd Generation Honda Prelude that's coming next month and the 2.0Si trim that will be released after that, then any of the porsches.

    Regardless, I have pre-ordered all the Models for next month. I eventually want to get them all, so it's best to pre-order now while the prices are still cheap.

    I have one part of the march pre-orders right here (The busses and the Police Mark II) and am still waiting for my Backorder of the Atlas, that one was hard to get cheap, since it was sold out rather quickly.

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