Matchbox doesn’t always do Camaros, but when they do…

One of those drop-the-mic type moments for Matchbox.  They have these every once in awhile.

It probably isn’t fair to compare Hot Wheels and Matchbox Camaros.  Actually, it is fair.  They are both $1, and while the output from each might reflect the branding, I know which one I prefer.

Camaros and Hot Wheels just go together.  There may not be a more hand-in-hand combo than those two.  The ’67 Camaro is the most iconic of all Hot Wheels designs since the beginning, and there are far more years WITH a new Camaro casting than without.

But that long history of Camaros also means a strong connection to Hot Wheels staples – i.e. large rear wheels.  The Hot Wheels Camaro castings from old to new have almost all had large rear wheels.  It gives them that classic rake, but also means they become, from a design sense, a one-trick pony.  They can look the same, and blend from one to the other.  Think about all the versions we have seen of the latest generation Camaro, from the Concept to ZR1 to Special Edition to 2016 to who knows what others.  And try to separate them.

Enter Matchbox.  In 2017 Matchbox will release the first Camaro they have done in years, and the first of this current generation.  Off-hand I think the last Camaro they created was the ’69 Z28, which was about 15 years ago.

And like that ’69 Camaro, Matchbox’s ’16 Camaro Convertible outshines blue’s output.  This isn’t a commentary on design, because the talent level is high with both brands, it is just a comment on direction.  Hot Wheels does a lot, mostly “tooned” because of the large rear wheels, and Matchbox does one, and does it perfectly.

The Matchbox Team was nice enough to send over an early sample of the casting for us to check out. This grey version with black wheels and blue interior is a prototype, and the release won’t look like this.  In fact, the first version, due for release in the final batch of 2017, will be bright red with front and rear tampos.  Yummy.

But the prototype does show how detailed this model will be.  From the grill to headlight to tail lights, all the detail is there.  I also like how the mirrors are part of the body instead of the window, which we have seen with previous convertible models.  And yes, the standard rear wheels just balance this model out so much more.

I have a few Hot Wheels Camaros.  The only HW Camaro that I completely pursue is the ’70 Camaro.  Yeah, the one designed by a Matchbox guy with the same sized wheels on the front and back.

The Matchbox Camaros?  I have all of the ’69 releases, and I will collect all of the ’16 releases as well.  They are too good to pass.

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  1. Ugh…..another camaro? Everyone and their grandma makes camaros. Why not something we don't see much or at all? '92 Prelude. 1st generation Toyota Rav4. Honda Del Sol. There are so many other options. Talk about beating a dead horse over and over and over.

  2. Casting looks spot on! I'm hoping the final version gets the 5 spoke wheels. One or two comparison pics with the Hot Wheels '16 Camaro released last year would be much appreciated.

  3. You want your Japanese stuff, go see the blue aisle. Ultimately, though, both Matchbox and Hot Wheels do excellent examples of vehicles from all over the world. Why can't we just appreciate when one of them puts out a faithful, accurate car?

    Anyway, I believe the proverbial “good, more for me!” is in order here.

  4. This looks fabulous. I agree with BlackWind, the 5-spokes (in standard chrome) would look great on this. It's also nice that Matchbox went with the convertible, to contrast with the Hot Wheels coupe. About that Hot Wheels…I do like it a lot, but the paint seems to be VERY thick…it obscures the lines a bit. I expect this will look great when it hits production.

  5. Ha I would actually love to see HW or MB do all of those! Agree, sick of seeing Camaro's though strangely enough I am still enjoying the Mustang's

  6. I agree to some degree. Though I appreciate the skill and execution of this camaro, and the “everyday car on the street” appeal, I would be ecstatic if they made a first gen 3 door rav 4. The unexpected models are the ones I enjoy the most. The rav was the first crossover. It was revolutionary. Something Toyota never does.

  7. He looks spectacular, although he agrees with Mr. Q Tran's opinion. With so many European models available yet another camaro made.
    Why not, the new Range Rover, or an old Camel Trophy car, the Rolls Royce of Queen Elizabeth II, a KTM Adventure, a Lancia Delta Integrale, James Bond series, an Expedition 6×6 truck, MGB GT, Ariel, Ford S-Max ….
    My suggestion is for Matchbox to create a contest, with rules that follow the manegment guidelines and cast ideas where voters can submit suggestions. Top 5 USA, Top 5 European, Top 5 Adventure, etc … The most voted will be made

  8. I think it's a great cast but agree totally with @QTrain all the modeles out there we keep getting stuff that we have from other brands. No doubt I will grab this but man I have so many Camaros now! I don't think I'll be chasing recolors of this.

  9. The model is spot on. I wonder what size it will be. I too think this needs the 5 spokes.

    In regards to another Camaro, I am not a collector but they need to be in the line. These are the models that sell to the specific collectors, like Mustangs, Porsches, Ferraris etc. They keep the cash flow coming to make the niche models many of us like to see. As for a first gen Rav 4, no thanks. The others I think might do ok. Just like the auto makers you need volume sales to fund your special models.

    Now what will be the first release colors, my bet is on yellow wit black stripes. But I would love it in white with orange stripes.

  10. @jeffwebber good point on your reasoning about why we see repeats. I honstly never took it into consideration. Still would like to see more variety. Licsensed preferably, they both HWs and MBX are doing great work on them. I like a lot of the recolors but don't buy all.

    On color thoughts, I'm thinking if they keep the blue interior MF blue with white stripes or white with blue stipes. White with orange would be great though.

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