So why the run on this HW FnF Skyline? It is only the third best version.

Boy I got this one wrong.

When Mattel sent me the latest Fast & Furious release a few months ago, I was positive which models would be the most popular, and which would hang on the pegs.

I would have bet my house that the white Supra that paid tribute to Paul Walker would be the most popular, followed by the black Honda S2000.  I also figured the R34 Skyline would be a pegwarmer considering this is the third time the R34 has been released with this deco.

Swing and a miss.  The Supra has been a must-have for most collectors, as has the S2K.  But it is the Skyline that has been gobbled up.  And up.  And up.  The most common phrase I seem to be hearing is “Found a bin, Skylines gone.”  Crazy.

It isn’t a surprise that the model has been popular.  The R34 is surely a collector fave these days, much more than its initial release.  But this popular?  There must be a lot of new collectors – which is a good thing – that have started in the last couple of years, because I don’t get why this model has been so wildly popular.

Especially since there are two far better versions.

This is the third time the R34 in silver with blue deco has been released.  It first appeared in the very first Fast & Furious assortment a few years ago.  It appeared a couple of years later as well.  And now it appears again in this batch.

It isn’t exactly the same though.  The silver is more metalflake and brighter than the first two.  It also has smaller tail light tampos.  But most glaringly, it is missing the front hood and grill stripe.  It doesn’t look odd on its own, but compared to its previous two incarnations, it looks sadly incomplete.

But.  It is the R34.  And yes, there are probably a ton of collectors that missed out on the first two releases.  But I didn’t think there were enough to create this kind of buzz.  Maybe it speaks to buzz itself.  I of course have been accused of hyping things myself, so maybe I am an expert.  Hype can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  One person hears another is gobbling up all the Skylines, that means that person must do the same.  That hoard goes up on Instagram, and more follow, and whammo.  Buzz.  Hype.  Whatever.


But it is all good.  I think there are plenty to go around, especially as collectors realize their dollars might be better spent on buying one now, and spending the extra it takes to get a previous version with the stripes.

But to each their own.

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  1. Not to sound like a fanboy but let me explain. The R34 Skyline is probably one of the best JDM castings Hot Wheels has made in recent years and also the fact that the casting is based on the Nismo Z-Tune, a car that needs no introduction (if you're an R34 fan). Now, I can't explain why this particular release is being gobbled up but seeing how the R34 is popular and will continue to be, that's probably your answer.

  2. I am puzzled too. The Supra is currently my pick for 2017 casting of the year. It's so stark and simple. And while I am a total mark for the R34, I had a chance to get a bunch but passed because they've been out before.

  3. Literally just checked a dump bin with about 10 full sets of the cars, but every single Skyline was gone. Strange, because all the new releases were there in abundance, like the Supra and S2000. I managed to get the last Roadrunner too, apparently that was also very popular.

  4. Thank you for your good description of the variations…. I prefer the white Supra and Blue Porsche but we are ahead of the game…. but I've stocked up on all, including the Road Runner.

  5. I have always detested the Fast & Furious thug cars. Until now. I like the R34 much better now that I've watched the all-inclusive video. Thank you for presenting that.
    Unfortunately, racing has become the glorification of thug culture. I am from the days when racing was 1/4 mile drag racing and stock car racing (which I never knew had it's own thug culture beginnings before I became interested in it decades ago, so, I had to concede to it if I wanted to continue being a fan throughout it's many incarnations until it became what it is today: respectable) without the cultural status involved. It was about the machines and their drivers, not guns, dope, jewelry and thievery.
    I realize not every tuner owner is in this type involvement, but, the entertainment industry has definitely marred my taste for these cars.
    I am never going to lose that aspect of knowing what kind of culture these cars TEND to represent, but, I am making some room for the car in my collection as the innocent model sucked in by madness. It is a car with a fantastically designed racing look to it and that is all I want.

  6. Well I've yet to find this dump bin at any of my local Wal-Marts…full, empty, or otherwise. Starting to wonder if I ever will.

    That said, I have an example of the Skyline with the black spoiler, and to be honest I'm perfectly happy with it, and won't be pursuing the current one.

  7. More than the deco, what I noticed is with the switch form plastic to metal wing, the trunk has gone flat. Another item on the HWs with metal wings is that they are usually shorter in length than the plastic originals and higher mounted. This generally ruins the lines of the cars.

    As for the series, I only wanted the Porsche and scored it in the great white north a few weeks ago. Still rockin' the plastic wing.


  8. Ha, right after I posted this I ran to the store and found the whole set, Skyline included.

    One thing about the Supra I REALLY appreciate is the placement of the obligatory movie credit…they stuck it on the tailgate above the Toyota logo…its placement right under the big spoiler makes it all but unnoticeable. Very appreciated given the clean look of the car…would've ruined it to stick it on the bottom of the door like they do on most of the others.

  9. @Kyle at least we are loyal to a cause and we know what we're doing and we're spending out own money on it. You, meanwhile, are just trolling and wasting your and everyone else's time.

  10. I just found this wave for the first time a day ago. About eight Escorts and Corvettes, half a dozen Subarus, three Porsches and a couple Road Runners left. No Skylines, S2000s or Supras to be found. I was happy about the 911 GT3 RS, as it was my most wanted from this set. I was also happy to get the WRX STI, since I needed a “clean” version. I debated the Plymouth, but ended up putting it back. Now I just need to find a Supra (my second most wanted) and Skyline.

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