With the Hot Wheels Spoilers Heavy Chevy going on sale today, here is a look at the crazy nice paint of the first two…

Hot Wheels Spoilers at the HWC Store

Yeah, crazy nice paint.  I am featuring two models because of the paint.

Well, more than that.  Look at the Hot Wheels Spoilers Light My Firebird and TNT Bird and you would know they aren’t necessarily my style of model to collect.  I don’t collect Redlines, I know very little about them (I am working on that), and I am not that into anything “nostalgic” Hot Wheels, which the Spoilers most definitely are.

But it’s the paint, man.  A friend over at Hot Wheels asked me if I was going to get the Spoilers over at HWC when they were released and I told him they weren’t my thing.  He told me to give them a chance, because the paint.  The paint?  Yeah, the paint.

This is spectraflame at its best.  One of the reasons this RLC membership year has been so long and delayed is because of the paint.  Mattel has been looking for ways to make it better, and it hasn’t always worked.  It works here.

Both models arrived, and I will be honest, I kind of threw them aside.  Until my friend at Hot Wheels asked me the other day if I was going to buy the Heavy Chevy, which goes on sale today, based on the…you guessed it…paint.  I admitted to not opening the other two yet, so I didn’t have his opinion.  I figured now would be as good as time as any, so I did:

Yeah man, the paint.  These are gorgeous.  That video doesn’t do them a lick of justice, so I took some pics too, which are below.  Better, but these need to be seen in person.

There are four Spoilers.  These two, the Heavy Chevy which goes on sale today, and the Cuda (not a Mustang, which I said in the video) a little later.  They go nostalgic, but they are worth getting, and OPENING!  Because the paint.

8 Replies to “With the Hot Wheels Spoilers Heavy Chevy going on sale today, here is a look at the crazy nice paint of the first two…”

  1. I believe packaging makes a big impact on attracting collectors as I'm not a Heavy Chevy fan but… if this were available in store I would definitely pick one. Brings back that nostalgic feeling, and the color helps too!

  2. Hey Matchthebox,you can still buy both of these at hotwheelscollectors.com. It is free to join and you can buy them far less than on an auction site. then you can join the RLC CLUB when the next membership drive is offered.The current membership is soldout.Just watch the hotwheels site and this one and info will be available when you can join. A must join club for Hot Wheelers young & old.GOOD LUCK.

  3. Hey Matchthebox,you can go to hotwheelscollectors.com and join the club for “FREE”That is the HWC club.Then you can buy those 2 cars in our 'SHOP' right now. You can also join our RLC Club later on for a small membership fee. none now they are “SOLDOUT”,just watch this site and the HWC site and you will see info when yo can join.This way you can buy great cars for far less than what you have to pay on an auction cite. Tomorrow you can buy the heavy chevy with spoilers.This is a new offer that started today.If avaialable after the RLC memeber get first crack today. You can buy the heavy chevy starting tomorrow. you can buy the 2 above right now,so browse on over to our site and take a tour.I am only a member.I have been a member for 13 years straight. I am very pleased with the RLC Club. GOOD LUCK & GOOD HUNTING.

  4. Love the T-bird. I really wish the Light My Firebird was a new casting and more accurate to the original. This model came out many years ago (early 2000s?) in a Spoilers box set. The Cuda and the Nitty Gritty Kitty were also in that set, and also inaccurate.

  5. Well for the life of me I do not get how you don't go for Redlines? Boggles my mind actually but to each their own. Great thing about these are their true Hot Wheels. Nostalgic yes but the true Redlines are what todays Hot Wheels will never be. Raw! These were not tainted by scalpers, these were not over done. So simple that they were bad ass! The 34 Ford Woody (my favorite) was so simple but detailed to the hilt! This was a cast that had no windows but a windshield and no one bitched. These are the most valued for a reason.
    The bad thing about these replicas are that they aren't in stores. I'm sure that collectors would be all over them. Back then they did prototypes,generics,experimentals whatever you wanna call them but they didn't flood the market. They would put a certain number out and that was it next batch a would come out usually right around xmas time the commercials would come on. More new models with some repeats. Probably why they are so sought after. I don't have many but I do have custom mods and they are some of my most cherished casts. I can't leave them in trashy condition. I have to bring them back to life. Screw Hot Wheels Redlines were the shit!

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