Showcase: Auto World 2016 Series 5 "Limited C & D".

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There is just a vibe that Auto World is going to have a great 2017.  The first series has been released, and what AW has been teasing for later in the year looks tremendous.

I probably say it on every Auto World post I do: AW is the best premium 1/64 diecast company in the US.  I love collecting my Tomica Limited Vintage and Kyosho, and for me personally Auto World completes the trifecta.  I love the idea of a TLV stock Supra, Kyosho Ferrari, and AW classic Cadillac all sitting next to each other in my display.

And it seems Auto World is coming into its own.  The casting selections are unique, they fill a void, and now with more limited release numbers, I think they will be easier to find.  I know that sounds weird, but when only 1800 of a model are produced, those that want them will find them, and AW can move on to the next batch.

AW has been plagued with slow distribution in big box stores.  The pegs are slow to be stocked, and many times when they are, the same models show up.  The turnover needs to be faster to get more collectors to notice.  And once a collector notices AW, there is a good chance they will snag a couple (or in my case all) of them.

So I am very interested to see where 2017 goes with Auto World, and in a couple of days I will showcase the first release.  But first, let’s close 2016 with Series 5 versions C & D, the first “Limited” release from Auto World.

To me at least, AW has figured out the casting choices.  Of course its always American cars.  As a TLV collector, I am totally fine with that.  It is a great niche when you look at the hobby globally.  And instead of a heavy emphasis on the standard muscle and classic cars, AW goes more for a slice of what you would have seen on the road, a la TLV.  They haven’t jumped into trucks, but in every Series, a sports car is matched by a standard sedan, maybe a wagon or land yacht, something from 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, plus a possible modern car.  A mix of the familiar and not so familiar.

That is why I love the ’76 Firebird – maybe the best casting of this series – next to the ’58 Plymouth Fury.  And with this being versions C & D, you are getting the 3rd and 4th colors.  It makes for a nice set of each model.

So here is release C & D of 2016 Series 5.  It is limited – only 1832 produced of each – so I you can’t find it at your local Target or Walmart, head to the Auto World store to buy a set or over to eBay to find the individual models you want.

Then, if I dare say, open them.  It feels good.

1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

1976 Pontiac Firebird T/A

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

1958 Plymouth Fury

1966 Chevy Impala SS

1966 Oldsmobile 442

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  1. AutoWorld is a great brand, but unfortunately I've been experiencing what was mentioned in the article…bare pegs, and old models.

    There's no doubt they make some killer models though. It also looks like they're getting better with their tires…The AWESOME land yacht wagons they did recently were let down only by the comically skinny tires. These mostly look to be proportional, so that's a good thing.

    I look forward to maybe finding these on the pegs in two years when my local stores catch up 😉

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