Guest Post: Lionel Racing’s Nascar models in 1/64, by Guillaume Maillard.

This is why I love learning about other people’s collections.  There are always surprises, and it is impossible to not appreciate someone’s interest.
Take Guillaume Maillard of France.  Guillaume has a stunning collection, full of premium diecast in all kinds of scales.  His Instagram feed is truly one of my favorite accounts to follow.  I share many of his same interests, but there are several places we go in separate directions.  
For one, Guillaume loves Nascar.  I don’t know the first about Nascar.  I know a little more now, thanks to this feature Guillaume wrote for Lamley.  Only in the hobby can an avid diecast collector who lives in the US get an education on Nascar from a dude in France.  Cool, eh?
Anyway, this is an awesome collection, and many thanks to Guillaume for featuring it.  
Remember, if you have an interesting part of your collection you would like to feature here, shoot me an email ( for consideration.
(Thanks Guillaume.)

That’s fun.  A French diecast collector writing as a guest for a US blog about the most popular racing sport of the US.
I am often asked why French people are so interested in Nacsar.
The answer? I don’t know.
Maybe because it’s the longest championship ever made (a race almost every week-end of the year), Or maybe the longest races.
And the cars! 

We have never heard of Nascar 1:64 on TheLamleyGroup; so when John asked for guests to write on this blog, I send an email immediately about what I am collecting, 1:64 diecast: Kyosho, Tomica Limited Vintage, Aoshima, CM’S, Microchamps (…) and …. Lionel Racing.
For a little bit of history, Lionel LLC, maker of the iconic Lionel Electric Trains, acquired the exclusive rights to produce licensed NASCAR diecast and launched Lionel NASCAR Collectables.
Then, to reflect its new partnership with NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and its continuing license with NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), Lionel NASCAR Collectables was rebranded as Lionel Racing
And so we have very nice little cars all faithfully reproduced with their sponsors, with the names of their drivers and the “GOOD YEAR EAGLE” logo on the tires.

I started collecting Lionel Racing during the 2016 season, so 95% of my cars are 2016 cars.
Looking at the anatomy of the diecast model, we have, strictly as the real car:
  • Radiator air intake
  • Roll cage
  • Window net
  • Jack post
  • Roof flaps.
At the moment, there are 3 brands racing on the Nascar Sprint Cup series (now called Monster Energy cup series for 2017): Chevrolet with the SS, Ford with the Fusion and Toyota with the Camry.

On a Nascar car, all is body paint: headlights, brake lights, exhausts are fake.
This make Lionel Racing the best you can get for decoration on a diecast car.

For more realism, the manufacturer also reproduced “win” versions, meaning the car is covered in graffiti, gets scratches and is dirty.
I still have not win versions in my collection, but I’m very looking for the Jimmie Johnson’s (#48) win version at Homestead Miami at the end of the 2016 season, winning his 7th title placing this racing royalty in the history book.   

Each car is representative of a team, a driver, and a sponsor, all in several liveries.
Of course, Dale Earnhardt Jr (#88), the most popular driver of the current Nascar, gets the most different versions of models and sponsors.
I personally count 5 versions of Dale Earnhardt Jr car in my collection of 50 models so far.

They all come in their little boxes, with the name of the team and the driver (at least, where I buy them, mostly in the UK).
Here are some of my favorite: 
Of course Jimmie Johnson, 7 time winner champion, in the Lowe’s livery, my all-time favorite.

Kyle Busch, 2015 champion, sponsored by M&M’s (favorite cars of the kids).

Tony Stewart, retired at the end of the 2016 season. I absolutely wanted this version, after his great victory at Sonama (road track).

Landon Cassill, just loved the car.

Matt Kenseth, stunning deco.

My favorite young driver, called “Rookie”, Chase Eliott.

Finally, Danica Patrick, the only woman driver of the Nascar.

All in all, those Lionel Racing display very well and provide nice colors in a collection.

I am very often looking at them, guessing the meaning of their sponsor, and trying to remember in which race I had seen them.

I hope you enjoyed this very short presentation of Lionel Racing cars, and you will add one to your collection!
I want to make a special thanks to my friend Bertrand (64-ever diecast), who made me discover Nascar and Lionel Racing diecast. A great and good way to diversify your collection!
Looking forward to the 2017 season.

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  1. Is there a way to get a hold of Guillaume, maybe through Facebook? He should know that the 64th Scale Jimmie Johnson Homestead Race And Championship Win Die-Cast is coming, Lionel confirmed it on their page! Nice work for posting this, Lamley Group!

  2. Is there a way to get a hold of Guillaume, maybe on Facebook? He should know that Lionel confirmed the 64th Scale Jimmie Johnson Homestead Race And Championship Win Die-Cast he's wanting! Nice work for posting this, Lamley Group!

  3. Nice little presentation for those not familiar with Nascar die-cast cars.
    I noticed the Nascar Authentics brand found in stores is a little different from the ones found in the box, which are marketed under Action collectibles.

    The last time I purchased a Nascar Authentics in the blister pack, it seemed not as realistic compared to an Action version, for lack of better words. The Action model had better proportions and the interior didn't have that cheap white plastic look to it – the window net looked more true to life with the darker interior in the Action car.

  4. I'm not really a NASCAR fan but do have a few NASCAR hot wheels I paid a 1$ for them at a flea market wanted to see how they would do on a hot wheels track and its something different to have in the collection too.

  5. If you saw the Daytona 500 yesterday you would have noticed Jeff Gordon piloting a Silver Ice Metallic 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. That would make an awesome Hot wheels pace car.
    Seems as though they've made pace cars from the Indy 500, but not for the Daytona 500 so it would be a welcome change.
    Remember these:

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