Lamley Readers, caption this.

These photos have been circulating around.  I have no idea what happened, and I know nothing about it.  Not something you see everyday to be sure, but the scrounge for soaked Supers would be fun to watch.

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  1. There's no way to caption this, but I'm guessing something happened to this container between leaving the factory and arrival at the Mattel POE in California. That's a loos and potential insurance write-off for sure, but the question is, which salvage company is going to buy it, and who is interested in buying these?

    Perhaps some over-zealous scalper, for sure, but not the average buyer, and definitely not me. I like buying used models and something that's repairable, but not water-damaged items. I don't have time to deal with the mold and corrosion.

  2. agreed. displaying cars still in packaging just makes you look like you own a toy-store. If that's your thing, fine, but it A) makes you look kind of creepy and B) doesn't allow you to fully enjoy your collection

  3. Where I prefer my Hot Wheels with LIGHT sea salt additive, I guess one wash in the dishwasher with no rinse agent might take care of these, that and a thorough air blasting of the axles et all, just BEGGING for wheel swaps now.

  4. not a bad observation…I've run into Walmarts in Lynchburg, VA; Scranton PA and Albany NY that have old stock and carry NO Matchbox other than 5 or 9 packs. No singles…or a smattering of old stock

  5. I agree with the second reply. Just because you keep the cars in the package doesn't automatically make you a creepy collector. I keep them in the package because I love the artwork designs. For me, it would be a shame to rip open the nice packaging, throw it away and forget about it. A lot of design and attention to detail is put into most packages. Also, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not gonna crack everything and play with them. I'm not 6 years old anymore. It gets on my nerves when people view blisters as supposed jail cells to the cars and how they need to be opened and played with. That's not necessarily true!

  6. Your reply is not necessarily true either. What you are saying is that Mr. Lamley is a 6 year old because he opens his die cast models, and that is not true at all. If you want a wall display like him, you would have to open your models and place it in there. The only way to not open them and fit them in the spaces is to fold your beloved card art and shove it in the little crevaces. Don't get me wrong, because I love the card art also, so what I do is I cut the blister off, making sure not to cut the art off, and then open the blister and collect the art. If you actually want to see every aspect of your model, maybe you should consider doing what I do.

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