Ohhhhhh, look what Auto World is doing.

Here is some news:


It is so nice to see the Auto World 1965 Ford GT back, and in eye-popping liveries nonetheless.  The Ford GT has been a favorite of AW collectors, but has not appeared since its debut a few years ago.

Well it is back with a vengeance.  The Gulf colors look best on a Ford GT, so this is most welcome.  Plain white with red trim is no slouch either.

Look for both in May.

11 Replies to “Ohhhhhh, look what Auto World is doing.”

  1. I noticed Walmart has been lacking with just about any AW and I hit three today; although one had about two left. I hit two TRU's and the one had a few, while the other didn't.
    Maybe they're going to load up soon, but I forget to keep looking for the inventory chart taped to the peg board above the shelves.

  2. Yeah, AW is patchy where I am too. It seems that whenever I do find it, it tends to be old inventory. I think I've probably had the most luck at TRU, but even that seems to be scattershot. I don't have a whole lot of hope of finding these on the pegs.

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