Here is the entire loose Lamley Hot Wheels collection.

My office project continues, and it allowed me an opportunity to put the Hot Wheels collection together again.  There are a few models not here (VW T2, Scirocco), plus all the models too large for the Creative Option cases (4×4 Silverado, Texas Drive ‘Em, Blown Delivery) are elsewhere.  But this is pretty much it.

In alphabetical order by carmaker.  Click on the photos for a larger view.

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  1. I try not to get in to recolors either but sometimes I can't resist.
    I can't see just collecting Hot Wheels or Matchbox but all Collectors have their own visions. I think it makes things more interesting that we are all different.

  2. I can't help but think of what might have been when I see those Ferraris. There were many cars that ame after the LaFerrari, not to mention the 458 Speciale that came before the LaFerrari.

    The 488 GTB and Spider.
    GTC4 Lusso.
    LaFerrari Aperta.

    Now there's the new 812 Superfast (great name, if you ask me) and 488 GTE.

    And then there are re-tools of some older casts like the 250TR, 312P, F40, F50, and they can do some more open-wheel fare like the 312 F1, 312B, 312T1 and 312T2, 640, 641, F2004, F10, F2012, S-F15H.

    I'm glad that Porsche, Lamborghini, and #JDM got big pushes in the past three years, but it's still a bummer to see no Ferrari in any batch.

    Now, don't get me wrong, Bburago's 1:64 Ferrari cars have some to-die-for accurate bodywork, but the wheels are criminally bad, and the bodywork quality feels so un-premium. There's got to be a way to get Ferraris back on the HW Mainline. Hot Wheels moved to 365 models now. There's more than enough space for two or three Ferraris. Somebody from inside Ferrari should do it.



  3. Isn't difficult to understand. When you like (or love) a casting, you try to collect all the variants as you can. For example, I love the MBX Crown Victoria And I try to buy all the different decos as I can.

  4. I think it depends on the casting, if it's one you really like then you may want it in different colours. I buy all sorts but I especially like VW castings, so if different colours come out I'll probably buy them. The '55 Chevy gasser is another that I will usually buy in a re-colour.
    Some castings are cool but once I have one I'm happy. The Datsun 510 wagon is very cool, but once I find one(!) I won't buy any more.

  5. Depends who you are. Take the '55 Chevy Bel Air for 2017. First release is black, kmart exclusive was dark green. For most it is too close in color. For others, it is a great casting and will get all releases of it.

  6. I noticed you don't utilize the large openings on the cases. I assume because you don't want the cars making contact with each other. The way I get around this is I save the plastic paint saver inserts that come in some Hot Wheels packaging to protect the cars with decals from rubbing on the card stock. I just flip them around to look like this [___] and place one car inside it. I haven't had any issues with paint chipping using this method and I maximize my storage space.

  7. It's called variations. That's what makes collecting fun.

    For example, I have the MBX Holden Ute in all variations: Green, Red, Blue, Violet and White. I also have the MBX Freeway Gas Tanker from 1973 in all these liveries: Burmah, Shell, Chevron, BP Super, Castrol, Aral, Exxon, and the Military-themed K-87 Octane.

  8. Surprised to see that you have the red Hot Wheels BMW M1 from the Walmart BMW set, but not the one from the Hot Ones. In my opinion, that casting has never looked better than it did in pearl white with the “M” colors.

    The old black Mercedes 500 SEL with metallic gold base got a smile from me…most unexpected. A nice example of a casting from when mainline HW really had a heft to them

  9. Your Supra collection is my favourite – I have most except the red super and the white F&F which I hope to get shortly. The Blue/Green FALKEN is my favourite Supra. Great pics, great collection.

  10. Your statement presupposes that Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are toys in the first place. At this point, I think they've transcended that label. Yes, for your average six-year-old child, they are toys. But for people who have grown up with these things and have never lost their love of MB and HW, they have become more than toys. They are memories; they are an expression of your personality; they are objects that bring you joy and interest just from letting your eyes wander over them….and in that sense, regardless of how silly it may initially sound, they have become art. In terms of what they do in your mind when you display them, these cars are literally no different than a painting.

    All of this makes your “toys aren't made to be stared at” comment shockingly shallow and two-dimensional.

  11. Loved seeing this! Couple questions. Why do you leave space between certain models? Is it to leave room for growth? If so, what determines the # of spaces you keep open.

    Also, where is your open matchbox collection?

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