Hot Wheels 2/18 Kmart Collector Day 36-count cases are now available at…

Sometimes it is about the exclusives, sometimes the Super, and sometimes the mail-in.  File this one under “Mail-in”.

Kmart Collectors Day is this Saturday, February 18th, so hopefully you are making plans to attend.  If you can’t, or there is not a store close, or just want a case to open yourself, the 2/18 cases are now available for purchase at

2/18 Kmart Collector Day 36-count cases at

There are four exclusives and two first-to-market, and in case you haven’t noticed they are all pretty nice.  I will count the Ford pickup as my favorite.

This is an F Case assortment, so if you are lucky enough to pull a Super Treasure Hunt, it will be the Acura NSX in gold, so there is that too.

But from what I have seen most of the excitement is about the special mail-in exclusive the Datsun Bluebird 510.

I have a preview of this beauty coming in a bit, and it is worth getting, so know you can use the receipt from your online case purchase – plus 20 card backs from the case – to redeem the offer.  The form is right on the sales page or at  Find a way to buy four more cars at a nearby Kmart and you can get a second Datsun.

Nonetheless, have at it.  Buzz for the 510 has been strong, and I have heard rumblings that many collectors plan on getting their hoard on for this one, so cases might go quickly.  I ordered mine, and even got free shipping with Kmart membership.  Not bad…

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  1. meh…I'll let the JDMers get all frothed up over this one. I've never liked the grainy deco printing they put on some of the premium cars, and you can see it on this one without even zooming in.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the 510 casting (and have quite a few), but this is not one of the better-executed decos.

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