The ’55 Bel Air Candy Striper Gasser’s cousin is debuting at Hot Wheels Nationals…

Who doesn’t love the Candy Striper?

And don’t say you don’t.  You do!!  I promise you do.  And still don’t say you don’t.  You do!  If you don’t, just tell me you do.  (Smiley face emoji here.)

Well, like it or not, the Candy Striper Gasser has been one of the most popular RLC models ever released.  And if you are one of the lucky folks attending Hot Wheels Nationals in a few weeks, you will meet its cousin, the Mad Gasser.

It’s red, but it looks familiar right?  The Mad Gasser shares a very similar style to the Candy Striper, and will complete a most spectacular pair.  But you have to be at Nationals – or know someone, or prepare to pay on eBay – to get one.

And look closely, this is the new Gasser casting.  We can go over the details later, but I would call this a must-have.


11 Replies to “The ’55 Bel Air Candy Striper Gasser’s cousin is debuting at Hot Wheels Nationals…”

  1. Dang. It's got door handles and key locks. Great attention to detail. I was fortunate enough to get one of the candy stripers being in The RLC Club. Have Not DLM'd the Gasser yet but it will be freed. I've seen the crazy prices on eBay for the Candy Stiper…this casting will be done over and over and over again and I am all for it along with the 66 SuperNova. Hot rods are where my heart is. Glad to see people going crazy over these as I will be. It's a great time to be collecting and displaying

  2. It's like a song that is over played! I love the Gasser but their making me hate it! It's all over the place. All they have to do is put a candy, cartoon, movie or some stupid friggin tempo on it and I'll be sick of it! The Comet is just as nice if not better! More body lines on the Comet. So many castings and they repeat more than the TV😞😕👎👎👎👎👎

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