From Japan Historics to Air-Cooled, here is every Hot Wheels Car Culture model released so far (with an emphasis on that cute little Fiat)…

Should we just get to it?

We are now six assortments in to Car Culture, and let’s be honest, we’ve been a bit spoiled.  A premium series that is able to cater to all kinds of tastes.  One that could even adjust to collector tastes.  One that can go any direction it wants, from geography to era to events to scenes.  The possibilities are truly endless.

And the great thing?  These models are selling.  You don’t like one batch, a lot of others will, and there is a good chance you will like the next one.  Because it won’t be like the last.  And that direction hopefully means this series can keep going.

Sure, some of these could really use some front and rear tampos.  And there is always hope that can happen.  But the assortments more than make up for it.  At least that is my view.

So before the next batch hits (Race Day it is called), let’s take a look back at the 30 models released so far, including the four new castings introduced in the line.  And at the end, because I haven’t taken photos of it before, that tremendous and tremendously tiny Fiat.

Japan Historics:

Euro Style:


Track Day:



And that Fiat:

21 Replies to “From Japan Historics to Air-Cooled, here is every Hot Wheels Car Culture model released so far (with an emphasis on that cute little Fiat)…”

  1. Thanks for the awesome pictures of the Fiat! You made my day. I fear I won't see these at the targets near me because the shelves are full of redliner peg warmers.

  2. Lack of front & rear tampos is a shame, but honestly Hot Wheels has hit it out of the park with this series. I pre-ordered the Japan Historics, which in hindsight was a good call, because I never saw a SINGLE ONE on the pegs ANYWHERE, but I didn't order any others…I've been consistently pleasantly surprised at my ability to find almost all the others on the pegs…including a quite a few at my local Giant supermarket, of all places.

    I have attempted to be a completist with Car Culture, but unfortunately I've yet to snag the Porsche 964, the Ford F-250, and the M3 Polizei. Otherwise I've been incredibly lucky.

  3. (Redliners)They are well done. Just not my genre (except the gasser) and no one seems to buy them around here. Hoping they are not refusing to stock air cooled until the red liners sell.

  4. I like Car Culture but it has too much of a “Racing” theme so far. Time to think about some other stuff like 50's, Street Rods, Muscle Cars or along those lines.

  5. Don't know about your locales, but out here in mid-Michigan, it seems as if the Euro Style and Trucks were veritable peg-warmers, with the exception of the F-250 and Brat. Red Liners have been difficult to acquire.

    Abarth is my all-time favorite to date, with the race-spec 2000GT a close second. Looking back, I probably should have picked up the race-spec Hakosuka, but I'm not guilted enough to buy one second-hand.

  6. Have plenty of M3 Polizeis out here in Michigan, and a fair number of 964s on the pegs, too. Would gladly trade them both for a Red Liners Chevy gasser…

  7. As I do not live in the USA this whole series is virtually non-existent. Of all the cars I have only spotted 3 of the Redlines and 1 Truck. At the equivalent of US$7.60 per model I gave them a miss.

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