The excellent Audi R8 LMS from Tarmac Works…

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I think there is a element in collecting diecast that can be overlooked quite a bit.  This benefit isn’t something revolutionary, and would probably illicit a “no duh” response from most of you.

But if you collect diecast, especially 1:64, which allows for more variety, you can’t help but appreciate more and more corners of the car world.  Many times 1:1 car folk stay within their world, mingling with the same people, reading the same sites, and checking out the same car shows.

But if you collect diecast it is different.  You may start as a muscle guy, or a classic car person, or you might be JDM as Fudge.  But hanging next to that Datsun you want might be something completely different, but equally as cool.  Before long your collection is full of classic Datsuns, current Supercars, 60’s era Funny Cars, 50’s era land yachts, and European Rally Cars, with lots of room for more.

It can be a never-ending process.  You linger in one place for awhile, and soon you find yourself in an entirely different place altogether, wondering why you didn’t notice those awesome 70’s era Corvettes earlier.  Or you wonder why you only wanted stock street versions of today’s coolest cars, when there were racing versions just as cool, if not cooler.  The more you collect, the more your interest in all aspects is bound to grow.

Enter Tarmac Works.  The newest brand in 1:64 is racing heavy.  You may not have been totally into the Audi R8 LMS before, but when you see the replica of  the AAPE By A Bathing Ape Audi in gold camouflage, you can’t help but do a deep Google dive to see what it is all about.  And after doing so there is a good chance you will come out obsessed with the Asian Racing Circuit.  And have a gold camo R8 on your shelf.

The folks at Tarmac Works are embedded in that world, which probably gives them access to some licenses we haven’t seen before.  And they are off to a great start with the two R8’s.  The red and white is the signature R8 LMS livery, and the gold?  There isn’t enough you can say about the gold AAPE car.

Tarmac Works is probably closest to Kyosho in style, meaning the cars are for display rather than play.  But put them next to your other race cars, or supercars, or whatever, and they will fit in beautifully.  I have my TLV, M2, and Auto World for classic vintage, Kyosho for a little of everything, and now Tarmac Works for racing.  They are still very new, but off to a great start, and ready to run with some big plans.  (Starting with a revamped R8 LMS casting that is a little less “boxy”.)

Never niche yourself when it comes to diecast collecting.  You will miss out on too much…

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