Hot Wheels RLC members, what is your choice for the Selection Model?

It is time to pick the Selections model again.

If you are not familiar with the Selections model, it is an RLC model chosen and essentially designed by Red Line Club members.  First they choose the casting, then the color, wheels, and deco.

Of course the Hot Wheels team gives them some options, and the 8 casting nominees have been unveiled, to be voted on and eliminated March Madness style.  Here they are:

Head-to-head, winner moves on.  There are some tough choices too.

(One note: The ’70 Plymouth Roadrunner is actually the 2008 casting, which debuted in the Modern Classics line.  In my opinion the better casting of the two.)

Voting on this is one of the benefits of being an RLC member.  That is of course a loaded statement with the debacle that the Club has been the last while, but hopefully this means things are moving in the right direction.  And soon a whole new group of collectors can join.   Maybe they will figure out a way for the RLC to be a wouldwide club as well, but that is a chat for another day.

In the meantime, get your vote in:

(the link below will only work for RLC members)

RLC Selections Vote

5 Replies to “Hot Wheels RLC members, what is your choice for the Selection Model?”

  1. Remember: that first car up there: the 66 Nova, is the RLC Rewards car we've yet to receive. Why vote for a car Mattel has been promising us for so long but not delivered.

  2. Keep in mind the one we've yet to receive is still the old mirrorized process which has been a debacle in itself.

    This sElections one would be done with the hand polished chrome finish.

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