Here is a little preview of the 2017 Matchbox ’90 VW Golf Country…

I loved this post from what is becoming a favorite IG feed:


The VW Golf Country is one thing.  The VW Golf Country with Iceland as a backdrop is something different altogether.  I am actually typing this while sitting in a Starbucks in Park City, and while I dig the plethora of Outbacks, Range Rovers, and G63’s that are passing by, a VW Golf Country wouldn’t be a bad thing.  C’mon ski bums, represent!

Being in the snow, seeing that Iceland post, and now seeing this prototype that Matchbox provided for preview gets me super excited for the upcoming model.  When Matchbox announced the 2017 lineup, the Golf didn’t grab my attention like some others did.  But I get it now, and this is a fantastic choice for a Matchbox.  Even better, Abe Lugo and the crew have mastered the casting.

Obviously the rose color, lace wheels, and blue interior base are just for the prototype.  The production model will be very different.  But at least you can see what the casting looks like.  It is all there, from the front guard to rear spare tire, and everything in between.

Metal body and interior too.  After the Subaru that I thought was off, this one is right on.

I don’t know when this model will be released, nor do I know what it will look like, but I have to say, I am very excited for this one.  The others I am most excited about might be getting a run for their money…

Thanks again to the Matchbox Team for allowing this preview.

9 Replies to “Here is a little preview of the 2017 Matchbox ’90 VW Golf Country…”

  1. I'm REALLY excited for this casting…a left-field choice that looks to be very well done. A roof rack like the one on the real car would be even cooler, but this is still awesome.

  2. Looks great, had a couple of mk2 Golfs back in the day and it looks like they've really captured the shape of it well…will MBX be continuing the '90 VW theme with a Corrado G60, or Passat Wagon next? Those vintage lace wheels look surprisingly good too…

  3. The haves and the have nots. For me to buy one of these on fleabay and pay minimum $15 shipping, compared to the buck the lucky pay who have access to Matchbox cars – well there's something rotten in the state of Denmark. How many regular contributors here, actually have access to these cars (at the buck price).

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