ToyCarMag is a clever and very cool take on storing diecast cars…

I am in the process of reorganizing my office.  I miss the blue walls of my old office, so painting is in order.  I also am going to change the background of the videos I do, as well as create more display space on the wall.

One think I hope the reorganization will do is create some more storage space.  My Carney wall displays do great in both the display and storage department, but even then I find my desk is always covered in cars, waiting to be photographed or put away.  It is a constant shift of cars from one surface to the next.

My wife is an organization guru, and my desk full of cars drives her batty.  For awhile now she has admonished me to use the walls to help keep my desk clear.  I was constantly getting links from her showing me shelving options.

That changed a few weeks ago.  A new diecast storage company, ToyCarMag, approached me about becoming a Lamley Partner/Sponsor, and showed me their new product.  Initially I thought it was, well, cute.  Until I showed it to my wife.  She was all over it.  She instantly vanished and reemerged with a metal message board and was looking at places to hang it.

Our solution had been found.  Instead of storing cars temporarily on my desk or a shelf, I would attache them to the wall.  Yes, the wall.  That is because ToyCarMag turns 1:64 diecast cars into magnets.

Yep, magnets.  It is pretty ingenious.  The magnet is attached to two rubber bands that wrap around the wheels of a car.  And boom, it’s a magnet.


Once my wall is painted, my metal boards are going up, and the cars with them.  It honestly will be a huge help, even without the fun factor.  And my wife is happy.  Bonus.

I am excited to have ToyCarMag as the latest Lamley Partner, joining the current crop of Partners that in my view are great contributors to our hobby.  I would surely get a pack or two and try it out:

14 Replies to “ToyCarMag is a clever and very cool take on storing diecast cars…”

  1. Great idea! Just one concern, do you think there's a possibility that the rubber bands will slightly bend the wheel axles over time? Other than that, it's a cool way to display cars!

  2. They may want to change their website. I click on these a couple of weeks ago when I first saw them. Until this post I assumed the 1 pack was for 1 magnet. it isn't spelled out well on the site that you get 10 magnets in the “1” pack.

  3. I'm gonna disagree with you Kyle. It's a great product and it is really cool to see innovators in our hobby. And I would never want to glue anything to my cars. These are easy to apply and remove.

  4. You know, I clicked on their link from Lamley when it first showed up, and was VERY impressed and thought it was a great idea, until I saw the price and was IMMEDIATELY turned off because of it. I too assumed it was 1 magnet in the “1 pack”. They REALLY need to fix that, it's probably hurting their sales big-time.

  5. This is nothing new people i know have been buying doubles and gluing magnets to toy cars for years.This a novelty craft product you would find at Michaels.Easy to disagree with me when you make dough from ToyCarMag.

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