Lamley Showcase: 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Air-Cooled…

Assortment Number Two for Car Culture in 2017, and I think this will continue the run of popular Car Culture releases.  Not that it is a bold prediction to say this will be popular when there are three VW’s and a Porsche, not to mention some dream wheels for customizers.

We have seen these models in preview pics from Mattel for awhile now, but in person these really shine.  And as great as the Squareback and 356A are, it is the tiny Fiat that steals the show.  Trust me.

Enjoy the video.

Studio pics coming soon.  In the meantime, that Fiat tho.

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  1. Chris I will be sure to take pics of the engine bay for the photo feature. And considering how small the real fiat is compared to other cars, this is fairly accurate. They new tiny 4-spokes allow this model to be nice and small.

  2. Fantastic series butthe Fiat is absolutely EPIC! I hope the vintage non-German euro trend continues. Please please HW / MBX, more Fiats, Lancia, Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Renaults, Alpines, Citroens, SAABs etc etc

  3. Cars looks great, excited to get all of them. Another great segment in a fantastic series!

    But for the life of me I don't know why Hot Wheels didn't chose to include the Porsche 914! Still only three castings of that model and this would have been a prime series to sell more castings! I would have bypassed the Beetle, and inserted the 914.

  4. Whoo hoo! ! Found the whole set at a more rural store. Came away with the Fiat and the 356. They are even better in person! I've wanted the Fiat since I saw your grainy pic from the slide show at the last gathering. Thank you hot wheels. And thank you John for letting us know they hit target.

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