Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels G Case…

2017 Hot Wheels G Case at Wheel Collectors
Crazy to think that the Hot Wheels G and H Cases mark the halfway point of the 2017 Hot Wheels year.  Half.  It always seems too fast, but we are right on schedule.
Wheel Collectors received their G Cases yesterday, and as always, grabbed one at random for a Case Report.  You can see all the models here:
I like this case.  I probably don’t judge cases on how many models I will add to the collection (it is never a large number), but more on how excited I am about certain models.  There are a few here to be really excited about.  So here is the G Case, pulled 3-by-3.  

Yeah, the Porsche 934.5 makes this case worth it.  As does the Head Starter, Chevy C10, recolors on the BMW M4 and VW Kafer Racer, and the return of the ’32 Ford.

The Super in this case?  The Chevy C10, although that wasn’t found here.  The HW Pursuit is the Regular TH.

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  1. AFAIK the '17 NSX is a Super, too. Otherwise, there's enough of the good F case cars that crossed over that I can hold out until May here in Manila.

    Hold on…

    I can see a Ford Peformance badge peeking out of a card just below the individual 934.5 shot. That can't be… the Ford GT GTE-Pro?

  2. Well a bunch of the same old #@💩💩 poo shall we say. The 32 Ford looks to have been retooled or am I mistaken? I'm gonna have extra $ for some new MBX releases. WOW did I really say that? I mean if people have the $ to throw around for a bunch of recolors great for them but these do absolutely nothing for me. What are they doing on the blue side? VARIETY PLEASE. bring back some old stuff this is like TV LAND reruns😞👎😞👎

  3. My Fast Gassin' has different wheels than the shown 5SP.
    My one has the nee basic steelies which are also used on the green Fairlady and the grey Custom '56 Ford Pickup.
    How can I submit you a photo to show it here?


  4. Is this the first time that a licensed oil company livery has ever appeared on Fast Gassin'? That's a casting I've never really been interested in collecting but the Union 76 logo makes all the difference in the world. I'd love to see Shell or Esso/Exxon on it in the future.

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