Fast & Furious Preview, Part 2: The fantastic debuts outshine the repeats…

You collectors here in the US, you know what I am talking about.  Every Hot Wheels special 8-car assortment, whether it be BMW, or Porsche, or Mario Brothers, or even Fast & Furious, has that car that lingers.  The Bin of Death swallows them, and the occasionally come up for air, destroyed card and all.

You just feel bad for it.  Sitting there, well past its prime, waiting for someone to take it out of its misery before it gets swallowed down to the bottom of the sea again.  It’s not a pegwarmer.  It is more than that.  It elicits sadness and pain.  It is the most rejected of all Hot Wheels.

There are a few candidates for that role in the latest Fast & Furious set from Hot Wheels.  But then again there have been models from every Fast & Furious set that have filled that role.  The problem has been that the last few sets have had more than others.

This one does.  Maybe the Corvette.  Maybe the Roadrunner.  But the good thing is that this set is loaded with others that MORE than make up for that.  We like to talk about what will be hoarded, but the better way to put it is that there are a lot of models in assortment that people WANT.

And it starts with the Supra.  I mentioned all the onion-cutting that was affecting movie watchers during the final scene of the last Fast & Furious movie, and the white Supra represents that very cool send-off to Paul Walker.  Hot Wheels version is the current Supra casting, so yes the spoiler is different, but considering the casting was created for the first Hot Wheels FnF set, I think it is very appropriate.  And the clean white version with front and rear tampos and lace wheels is perfect.

Up there too is Johnny Tran’s Honda S2000.  Based on the reaction to it, I think it will be equally as popular.  And it looks really good too.

Finally, the Porsche didn’t play a huge role in the movies, but what a way for an old casting to get an update.  The GT3 deco is great, and the blue stands out.  There is no doubt this one will stick out among the grays and blacks and whites of most of the FnF cars.

And repeat or not, the R34 Skyline and new look of the Escort will be easy adds to most collections.

I have already talked about the Roadrunner, and how there is a better casting for it, and maybe that will be the most welcome repeat in the future, if the newer tool is found.  The Subaru is fresh as well, and will look great next to the previous version.

All in all, this set is a nice refresh for the Walmart exclusive line.  I like that we get one set a year, and I doubt that will end anytime soon.  Hot Wheels and FnF are a perfect pair, and there is still plenty of models to get to.  In time…

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  1. These are really nice. I am most decidedly NOT on the JDM bandwagon, but I think that I'll probably pick up all except the Skyline and the Corvette. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences between this Corvette and the one from the mainline a year or so ago?? They look identical.

    The Supra looks sharp as hell in plain white with head & taillight deco, and the S2000 looks great as well. The Porsche is holding up very well for such an old casting, and even the Escort is cool. It's just different enough from the mainline to warrant snagging a copy. I'm pleased overall…now just have to see if I can find them…

  2. How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got?
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  3. This set is actually better than the last set. There are a lot of new debuts in the series. I like it. I'll likely cop a whole set, if anything else, the Skyline and the Porsche.

  4. That's kind of a silly statement. Arguably, only the S2000 is blatantly from the F&F franchise. ALL of the rest could easily pass as non-movie cars for people who either are not fans of or are not familiar with the movies.

  5. Definitely happy the Porsche is being done, and still with the plastic wing.

    The S2000 is fantastic, been wanting that one since they started the villain cars with the 72 Torino.

  6. That 911 is the one casting that I hope gets a metal spoiler soon. This one sits at an awkward angle and frankly looks crap. And they should do the DBS as the next villain car (Jason's car from F7)

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